If you’re an attentive Grinding Down reader, then you’ll clearly remember me picking up The Hobbit (GameCube version) recently. Well, I’ve now played the first sixty minutes of it, and you can read about all the exciting stuff that happened during said time over at The First Hour:

When asked if I’d continue playing, I answered “yes.” Alas, I’ve yet to dive back into The Hobbit and sneak past those three trolls, but I will. All in due time. Hey, Frodo didn’t destroy the One Ring in a day after all!

3 responses to “FIRST HOUR REVIEW – The Hobbit

  1. Great review.
    That’s pretty much my experience with the game too. Still, I played it all and enjoyed it alright.
    Have fun!

  2. Judging by your review, I don’t think I’ll be picking that one up any time soon ;-j Did you ever play Ocarina of Time? That was without a doubt the best Gamecube game I ever played (I seem to remember a Metroid reboot, too, that was really good).

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