I’m Paul, and I play videogames. Not necessarily good ones or even new ones, but games nonetheless. I usually escape to RPGs (namely JRPGs from the good ol’ PS1/PS2 days) the most, but I’m not too shabby in the action adventure and puzzle genres. First-person shooters are my downfall, alas, as I can barely see what is going on while trying to figure out how to look up and shoot at the same time. I’m generally late to the party and therefore always miss out on the best spinach dip. Oh well.

Systems I own include:

  • An aging SNES
  • A dusty PlayStation 2
  • A black, finger-smudged Nintendo DS,
  • A turquoise Nintendo 3DS with the 3D slider always set to off
  • An Xbox 360 that I’ve still not named
  • A white PlayStation 3
  • A Wii U, which exists only at the moment as my fitness friend and for Super Mario Maker
  • An Xbox One

That’s all for now. Enjoy your time grinding down…

17 responses to “About

  1. Hey, I noticed you added my site to your blogroll. I really like your style of writing so let me know if you’re interested in collaborating somehow. The First Hour is open to having more writers come on board for any kind of commitment. Have a great day!

  2. Hey, Greg! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll shoot you an email; I do enjoy the posts on The First Hour and have been toying with the idea of trying out a likewise approach!

  3. hey nice blog. Like you, I love JRPGs and action adventure games. I suck at FPS. I have all the systems you mentioned except for the 360, though I do have a PS3.

  4. Hey just saw your site on the wordpress home page, thought I would stop by as it seems to be of similar interest to me, and I was correct.
    Best of luck with your completion rate.
    Do you just go for a game completion or 100% achievement in the games?

  5. I am curious what WordPress theme you are using.
    Thanks in advance

  6. Hey Paul, how did you add your XBL avatar on your blog? Keep up the great work!

  7. Hi! I am the owner of TapApp, an iOS application review blog. I was wondering if you were interested in iPhone gaming? If not, please would you pop over and give me some feedback as I am new to the world of blogging. Thanks and all the best for the future.

  8. Catherine Meyers

    Hi Paul,

    You have an interesting blog and I agree with the posters above, nice writing style. I enjoy rpgs and jrpgs also, one I like a lot and still haven’t finished is Rogue Galaxy. Anyway, Would you be interested in a link exchange? Let me know if you do, to send you info on my site.


  9. Hey Paul,

    Love your writing style! Been following your blog for a few months now; great stuff! Would also love to talk with you in regards to a writing opportunity for a site I’m US Editor with; drop me a line if you’d be interested. Pascal@bnbgaming.com. Keep up the entertaining content!

  10. About time you subscribed to my blog! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. noticed your blog on blog up, I just started one myself, take a look at it thanks! ill continue to check in on yours.

  12. Hey Paul, love your gamer Haiku’s and the Wedding piece on Oblivion. Funny stuff man! Would love to discuss some kind of collaboration between our blogs if you’re interested. We’re always looking to make new friends in the blog ‘o sphere!

  13. Hi there! I wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the WordPress Family Award.

    No pressure to participate, but I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much you rock! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hi,

    Iโ€™m Tokoni, A student and poet. Its nice to meet your Iโ€™d like to invite you to my blog, http://www.insanitybeautiful.wordpress.com if youโ€™re interested. Thanks!

  15. Nice blog! Keep it up. Look forward to reading more!

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