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One Leaves wants you to know it’s not too late to quit smoking

I’m not a smoker, but I did try a cigarette in high school–thanks, peer pressure!–and found it to be a terrible experience. I immediately began coughing uncontrollably, doubled over, and have never smoked another cig since. Sure, I’ve had some pot and cigars at various points in my life, but those are much different beasts to me, and I’m not addicted to them so many years later.

One Leaves‘ entire narrative is wrapped around quitting smoking, how smoking is bad for your health, and how badly it affects the body. I agree; don’t do it. There’s also elements of tobacco-related death in the game, with a theme that uses statistics to relay the fact that the few who start smoking rarely ever give up. I’ll credit the game for this because it is an important message that any smoker should hear. Alas, it’s difficult to take the game’s message very seriously at all due to how it plays and treats the player.

One Leaves starts out by placing you in a cage. Here, you’ll see three other characters in cages of their own. Each of you has a door to enter, which is locked until an audio message tells you that only one of you will escape. Hence, the game’s title. The moment the door opens, you’re free to patrol the game’s confined environments at your own pace though I guess the point is to move face and with urgency. You’ll immediately see a locked gate that has some power cables running from it. The goal is to follow each cable until you meet its puzzle; solve said puzzle, and move on to the next one until you reach the final area, which is a randomized maze to navigate.

There’s no shortage of framerate issues to contend with, as well as regular crashing and kicks to the Xbox One’s dashboard, which, for a free game isn’t the worst thing ever, but it also isn’t great either. Visually, One Leaves is ugly, complete with poor lighting, bland textures, and a lackluster presentation. The game’s audio work is also subpar.

Alas, I didn’t make it through the final maze quick enough, and so I’m stuck in One Leaves‘ smoky purgatory until another contestant tries to make an escape. Until then, I guess I’ll just hold my breath.

2019 Game Review Haiku, #38 – One Leaves

Smoking is bad, duh
Escape the maze, run don’t cough
Addiction is death

And we’re back with these little haikus of mine. Go on, gobble ’em up. However, if you want to read more of my in-depth thoughts about these games that I’m beating, just search for them by name on Grinding Down. As always, enjoy my videogamey take on Japanese poetry, even if they aren’t instant classics, such as the works of Matsuo Basho, Yosa Buson, or Kobayashi Issa. Hey, not everyone gets to be that great.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em, I guess

It took a whole evening and zero actual work, but I finally unlocked–much to the dismay of Sean Devlin’s lungs–the following Achievement last night in The Saboteur:

Chain Smoker (5G): You smoked way too much.

You can say that again. See, when you stand idly around Nazi-controlled Paris or simply press the left analog stick in, Sean takes out a cig from his shirt pocket and lights up then and there. “Helps take the edge off,” he claims, and he’ll take about three or four drags before flicking it away. Sometimes, if you interrupt this, he’ll just run around with it in his mouth until he gets a chance to puff some more. It’s just another silly idle animation; Diddy Kong would juggle balls if you put the controller down for too long, and Sonic the Hedgehog would rightly tap his impatient foot, waiting for you to make him run, run, run. I’ve even noticed that ‘Splosion Man has quite a set of ’em. Silly details, not needed, but there nonetheless.

However, in The Saboteur, this idle animation is also tied to an Achievement, one that demands Sean smoke 100 cigs. That means smoke them beginning to end, too. No quick puffs here. Meaning, this is the sort of Achievement you get over time, but I checked my stats screen and saw that I had already smoked 45 cigs at this point. About halfway there! So I did the most sensible thing ever.

I made dinner.

And left the game running in the background. As I fixed my turkey, American cheese, and bell peppers sandwich (oh yum!), I could hear Sean softly flicking his lighter open and sparking up. Nom nom nom. Smoke smoke smoke. When I went back to the game, my stats screen said he’d smoked a total of 73 cigs so far. Woo. This plan was working, albeit a bit slowly. Not wanting to leave my Xbox 360 on all night long, I shut down for a bit to do some other work (and not be distracted), but I came back to play a bit more before bed. Did some main storyline missions, and celebrated each one with smoke, and then finally I took a shower and when I came back out the Achievement had unlocked without me even there. Hooray and boo! I missed that oh-so-Pavlov-like ping, but it popped nonetheless. And I barely had to do anything. Though 50 cigerrettes in one evening surely did something to Sean, but it’s hard to tell as this is an Irishman that takes a hundred bullets to the face, hides behind a crate, and comes back to life without any wear or tear. Granted, I like that, but maybe they could’ve gone a little more Metal Gear Solid with this.