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Scrabble to go wild with proper nouns

According to BBC News, Mattel is releasing a new version of Scrabble this July and changing the rules to allow place names, people’s names, and company names or brands to be played.

In other words: PROPER NOUNS GONE WILD. Buy it on DVD very soon. No refunds.

Coming from a family of hardcore Scrabblers (well, mostly my sister and I), I’m not ecstatic over this decision. It’s a game of words, small and big, used and rarely used, and throwing in names just makes it less…exciting. Throwing down QATS, fully knowing it’s a real word, and watching someone challenge it to no success is a great feeling. Skill-wise and intelligence-wise. However, no one is going to challenge TIM or NIKE. And pretty soon, mark my words, they will allow text speak, at which point Mattel will be wiped from the Earth via an army of robot monkeys.

For what it’s worth, PAUL scores me 6 points without any bonus squares, but my true birth name of ZYKLAX nets me a delicious 29 points. Still, I’m going to refuse playing by these new rules for as long as I can.