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Miriel died as fast as lagging fowls before the northern blast

rip fire-emblem-awakening-miriel-mini

Before moving on to the next story-based mission, I played the second Paralogue last night in Fire Emblem: Awakening, which is called The Secret Seller. In this one, a bunch of enemy soldiers are trying to destroy a village at the top of the map, but are opposed by an ally character named Anna. You basically need to get a single unit to visit the village and warn them off the incoming attack, as well as protect Anna and then rout the enemy. The difficulty in this map comes from a small bridge connecting the mass of land your units are on and the land with Anna and the village–it makes moving fast a slower process. Thankfully, Anna can hold her own for a few turns.

Now, since I’ve lost so many units so far, I was forced to use Miriel for the very first time, and that meant she was low level and underprepared. For awhile, I had her paired up with the newly acquired Nyna, but then I separated them, hoping Miriel could finish an enemy for some good XP. Alas, no. A man with an axe chopped her to pieces, and down she went. I should note that she technically “retired” so I guess I’ll still see her pop up in cutscenes now and again.

On the flipside, looks like I was able to get in good with Anna, a sword-swinging beast of a woman. Hopefully she’ll do more than just give me a discount at the store down the line, as I’d like to basically replace one redhead for another.

After all this, I took an emotional break and played some more Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon before passing out for the night, and I’m happy to report that no one has died yet in that game.