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2017 Game Review Haiku, #8 – Spring Cleaning


Good morning, Roomba®
Time to clean, get all the trash
Side-splitting rewards

I can’t believe I’m still doing this. I can’t believe I’ll ever stop. These game summaries in chunks of five, seven, and five syllable lines paint pictures in the mind better than any half a dozen descriptive paragraphs I could ever write. Trust me, I’ve tried. Brevity is the place to be. At this point, I’ve done over 200 of these things and have no plans of slowing down. So get ready for another year of haikus. Doumo arigatou gozaimasu.

A throng of forgotten and unused blog images

For the longest time, one of Grinding Down‘s things has been that each post contains a picture at the top, and that image is edited to contain some text, generally white-colored and always in the Showcard Gothic font. Maybe it’s a pun or just a string of words that sound nice, but it helps make the blog post stand for something more, and gives readers–well, I hope it does–a good idea of what I’m going to be talking about, whether it is a rant or gushing praise of what-have-you. Don’t worry; that process is not going to change, but sometimes I get ahead of myself and create an image before I even begin writing about a game, only to discover later that, truthfully, I’m just not as interested as I previously thought I was about writing on that topic. And so that image sits, neglected and rejected, an entry to never be. Poor things.

That all said, here some Photoshopped images I found in a miscellaneous folder, and I’ll just put them up here without further comment:

harvest moon grand bazaar first 30

lets golf 3d games


nostalgia early impressions

rayman origins demo 3DS impressions

shank making progress