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Stephen Stills and Kim Pine as adorable vigilantes

On a whim, I played a teeny bit of Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: The Game the other day, a game I haven’t touched since I completed it in February. And within a few minutes, after killing maybe ten to fifteen camera-wielding paparazzi goons, I unlocked the following Achievement:

Vigilante (20G): Defeated 1,000 enemies.

Do you know what that means, Grinding Down readers? It means that, for months–for MONTHS–I was just sitting pretty, only a few pummeled punks away from a seemingly impossible Achievement. There’s no in-game tracking system, and while it did feel like Tara and I as Kim Pine and Scott Pilgrim, respectively, killed a ton of dudes, I never imagined that number would’ve climbed high enough to be even an inch close to the big total of 1,000. And Stephen Stills was the one to take us to the edge and over, dropping one heck of an elbow. Truly, it was a magical moment, and I rewarded Stills as any man should be rewarded, with one of everything at the Fancy Chip Wagon.

And then there wasn’t anything else pulling me forward so I turned the game off, squeezing in some Street Fighter IV online fights and Borderlands. The remaining three Achievements in SPVTWTG are very grindy, and considering how much I struggled through the main game on the easiest of difficulties, I doubt I’ll put myself through it again. I think toppling 1,000+ enemies is more than enough for our ragtag bunch.

Please select player in SPVTWTG

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, or SPVTWTG if you like those easy-to-figure-out acronyms, comes out for the PlayStation 3 network in early August, just a pinch before the movie drops on August 13, 2010. That’s cool, but of course I don’t have a PlayStation 3 and must then wait it out until it makes its way over to Xbox Live. However, if there’s one thing I do know, it is this: I’m playing as Kim Pine. And will most likely have to fight over her with my fiancée as she will want to play as Kim Pine also. No one likes Ramona anyways:

Hmm…does that look familiar to you? It should, n00b. I’ll wait while you figure it out. No, it’s not from the Glee finale. C’mon…think.

Meh, you’re taking too long. It’s an homage to Super Mario Bros. 2, duhhh:

Ha, that means Ramona is really Luigi, and that’s funny because he kicks so goofily when he tries to jump super high. Not sure how Stephen Stills would feel about being compared to a mushroom-head, but I bet he’d not like it. But yeah, Kim is totally a princess. May she float for a few seconds through my dreams night in, night out. I want this game so bad, and dang it, I might have to start considering a PlayStation 3 fund if it takes longer than a few weeks to port over to the Xbox 360.

Scott Pilgrim the Videogame looks (and sounds) just like it should

First came the news out of PAX East that chiptune rockstars Anamanaguchi are doing the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim the Videogame. Then we got some delicious screenshots showing off the fantastic sprite work from Paul Robertson, the creator of the Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 animation. And the third thing that happened was…my heart. See, it exploded from too much joy!


Seriously, just go check out all the screenshots over at Attract Mode.

But yeah, ever since seeing this, the back cover of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, volume two of the books (and the title of the upcoming movie), I’ve been jonesing for a 2D videogame adaption:

Now I’m not sure what I’m more excited about. The movie, the final book in July, or the game? Hmm. Either way, it looks like this one is getting the right kind of treatment. No systems announced yet, but man oh man would this be perfect for the Nintendo DS.