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Episode #5 of The First Hour podcast, now with more Paul

Good job, Brock. Where’s it at specifically?

Oh, right. The First Hour. Head on over to listen to episode #5 (don’t ask where #4 went; I think a demon ate it) of their podcast and you can then hear me talk about Pokemon HeartGold, what it’s like to be a n00b to the series, and just how many steps I take roughly on a workday. It’s not a lot. Also, at one point I couldn’t remember the word “collar” when talking about clipping the Pokewalker to one’s cat…oh well. It was still fun all around, and I’d love to be back on the show in the future!

Just, y’know, maybe not talking about Pocket Monsters again…

Making it last with Pokémon

According to my save data for Pokémon HeartGold, I’ve now invested over 15 hours into the game. The amazing part? I’ve only made a really small dent. My Pokédex says I’ve seen about 75 Pokémon, of which I’ve caught around 30 or so. I just earned my third gym badge, now finally moving past Goldenrod City to the National Park and the Pokéthlon for some Pokélympic games (side-note: that was way too many pokés for one sentence). A good portion of this time has been spent on grinding my team towards a better balance, as well as just meandering about the world.

But still. Fifteen hours and only a little bit through. For some games, that’s their entire length…or not even. I’m looking directly at you, MySims Agents.

It’s just nice to know that HeartGold is in it for the long haul. And so am I. And so is Abigail:

First stroll with the Pokewalker is a success

I’ve been wanting to try out the Pokewalker since I got HeartGold, but it rained all day yesterday. So I figured I’d bring it to work in my pocket, fully knowing that since I work in an office and sit at a desk for 90% of the day there would be few steps taken. I loaded in my LV. 2 Spinarak nicknamed Aragog since he’s my lowest level critter at the moment and not very strong. See:

Don’t frown, buddy! Anyways, after eight hours I’d taken a total of 2,837 steps, a number that surprised me. Guess it’s all the back-and-forth to the copier. What’s neat is that stuff is happening when you’re not even paying attention, which is nice. While walking, your Pokemon accumulates Watts. You then use these Watts to play two mini-games and open up new paths to stroll down. The one mini-game has you searching bushes for wild Pokemon, and I ended up catching a Duduo. You can also play a dowsing/guessing game for hidden items. When all is said and done, I zipped Aragog back into my DS, and all the items and Pokemon I’d caught came with him. Then he went up a level. Easy peasy.

The device definitely works, and it’s something I look forward to exploring more. If I can get a level a day for my Pokemon while at work, that’s not too shabby. Playing the game without playing it, y’know. I’ll take it.

Also, sidenote, I know nothing about Pokemon and who is good to use and who is a waste to level up. Any tips are greatly welcomed.

PURCHASE OF THE MONTH: Pokémon HeartGold Version

Okay, this is going to need some explanation.

Ever since enjoying the badunkadunk out of Monster Rancher, I’ve always had a soft spot for creature-raising gameplay. It’s addictive, and there’s a sense of fatherly pride upon seeing one’s little critter grow stronger and more powerful. That said, Pokémon has never appealed to me. I will freely admit that I watched the cartoon show now and again back in the day, mostly as background noise, and therefor know some of the basics of the world, but otherwise…I stayed away.

But then I started noticing a lot of gamers falling in love with Pokémon. Some were my age, some were older. Was I missing out on something great just because I scoffed at it as nothing more than a child’s plaything? I’m actually a very open-minded man hobbit, but I wanted a better consensus on the state of things. I asked via Twitter if there were any Pokémon-fashioned games out there for the Nintendo DS worth pursuing? I got two answers: Bakugan Battle Brawlers and Dragon Quest Monsters. Of them, DQM seemed to be a better fit for me so I headed to the local GameStop over the weekend…

…to purchase Chrono Trigger!

See, while browsing, my eyes get real big and I suddenly see a bunch of games I want to play and quickly forget why I journeyed outside that day. So, seeing that Chrono Trigger was a cool $20 and knowing the sad fact that I’ve only ever played an emulation of it and even then gave up pretty early because I loathe playing games on the computer, I marched up to the counter, ready to make a deal. And then it happened:

Clerk: Hmm, I’m really sorry, but I can’t find any copies. We don’t have any more in stock right now.
Clerk: Did you know that Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver just came out?
Clerk: They’re pretty great.
Me: …tell me…more.

And so, yes, the salesman did his sale thing and got me. In actuality, as silly as it sounds, the Pokéwalker, the pedometer that comes with Pokémon HeartGold, was what intrigued me most. I already enjoy going for walks after work, and now these walks can count double for me: 1) being healthy and 2) leveling up my monsters. Can’t knock a game for trying to get its players to be active.

I’m definitely interested to see if this will get me addicted hard and good, or if I will play for a bit and just find it so-so. I already named one of my fire Pokémon…Balrog, and care for him deeply. So, y’know, that’s good.