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The Top 10 Games I Didn’t Get to Play in 2010

Well, another year is coming to a close, and this is the time I like to look back and see which games I wanted to play, but really never got to. This is because I’m usually always late to the party and am willing to wait out big blockbuster releases until they drop in price or GOTY editions are released so I don’t have to scrounge around for miscellaneous add-ons and such. Plus, I mostly play RPGs, meaning that I could potentially play a single game for a very long time (i.e., Fallout: New Vegas).

In short, 2010 was quite a year for videogames. Lots of AAA titles, lots of indie tryouts, lots of RPGs for handheld devices. I didn’t play many of them. Trust me, I wanted to. Oh so many of them. But there’s only so many hours in a day, as well as so many dollar bills in a bank account. Thankfully, I do have some Christmas money for GameStop, but I think I’m gonna actually save it for Radiant Historia, which comes out in February 2011 and looks to be right up my alley. Yay, another RPG to sink my teeth into!

And so, without any further fluffing, here’s the 10 games I didn’t get to play in 2010:

10. Shantae: Risky’s Revenge

Classic platformer gameplay and some of the most gorgeous looking animation work for a videogame–supposedly that’s what Shantae: Risky’s Revenge is. It initially didn’t jump out as me as something I’d like for my Nintendo DS collection, but I’ve seen its name constantly referenced over the last few months, in a good way, and now I’m pretty put off that I didn’t seek it out sooner. If anything, the Super Metroid-like map in the bottom right corner is appetizing.

9. Final Fantasy XIII

Now here’s something ironical. Final Fantasy XIII was one of my most anticipated games for 2010, and then it came out and I completely paid no attention to its existence for awhile. When I did start to read up on it, the news wasn’t good. It seems like the game didn’t start to get “good” until about 17 hours in, and that it was linear, town-less, and uninventive. A shame really, as I always used to want to play the next Final Fantasy game no matter what; going forward, I’m gonna have to be more cautious with the series.

8. Red Dead Redemption

I love the freedom and span of Grand Theft Auto IV. That said, I absolutely hate the story, its characters, and the frustrating-as-all-gets mission structure. A switch to the Wild West had me from the get-go, and it seems like a lot of cowboys and cowgirls really enjoyed riding horses and shootin’ vermin. Oh well. Maybe in 2011.

7. Heavy Rain

Sure, I’m not thrilled about a game that is brimming with mundane actions, but I love the suspense around the edges and the weight of one’s decisions and how they factor into the murder mystery slowly unfolding. Granted, a stupid message board poster already spoiled the game for me, but I’d still love to play it and see for myself if everything clicks.

6. The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest

Shut up. I love anything LOTR-related.

5. Fable III

Fable III, like Final Fantasy XIII, was also a game I was eagerly anticipating for this year. Alas, it was released right around the same time as Fallout: New Vegas, and between those two, I’d rather shoot ghouls in the face than fart on citizens. And so the kingdom of Albion will have to wait.

4. Costume Quest

A bite-size RPG? And I didn’t gobble it up? For shame! Granted, this was released around the time I had just gotten married and gone on my honeymoon. It’s about kids on Halloween dressing up and turning into their actual costumes when it comes time to do battle. A fun, quirky idea, and it’s also been getting some DLC love as of late, which is good for the longterm.

3. Alan Wake

It’s been awhile since I’ve played a scary game, and so Alan Wake would be right up that alley. It’s also about writing. Well, a writer writing. A writer writing about a writer also writing about a writer. I think. I don’t know. This is just stuff I’ve heard. But I heard it’s pretty good. Reminds me a bit of Stephen King’s Bag of Bones, but only loosely.

2. Donkey Kong Country Returns

2010 was heavy on nostalgia, giving us games like the retro Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: The Game, as well as updated versions of Kirby and Donkey Kong Country. As an SNES kid, I was a Donkey Kong Country junkie. I played the levels again and again, learning all their secrets, trying hard to get that elusive 100% (or was it like 103%?). And so this new version looks to be much of the same, if a bit more difficult. Would be a perfect game for Tara and I to tackle together.

1. Mass Effect 2

This being #1 on the list will either make Greg Noe very happy or very angry. He loves his massive effects. Anyways, I did play through Mass Effect once, enjoying its story and world. The sequel came out and was instantly loved by fans. It seems as BioWare knocked it out of the park galaxy. The only thing that concerns me is that the RPG elements were turned way down for simplifying purposes. I did play Mass Effect 2‘s demo and had a good time, but now I think I’m just waiting for a Game of the Year edition to drop before Mass Effect 3 surfaces since there’s like 196 pieces of DLC floating around, and I’d hate to miss anything cool or stellar.

Okay, that’s it for the list. Here’s to 2011 and the games I won’t play then as well!

March 2010’s interesting game releases

Well, not surprisingly, February 2010 flew by, and here we are in good ol’ March. The snow is melting, it’s raining a lot more in New Jersey, and warmer weather is just around the corner. As are some big, big videogame releases. Here’s the ones that interest me the most this month…

Sonic Classic Collection – March 2 (Nintendo DS)

The recent announcement about Sonic the Hedgehog 4 has caused a rift between fans. Or maybe that should be “fans.” I don’t know. These people really hate the project, despite knowing very little of it, and want to boycott the game the moment it comes out. Umm. To me, it looks like classic Sonic with shinier skin for current gen consoles. Not the worst thing in the world. But enough about that. I’m more curious to see how the original Sonic games in Sonic Classic Collection play on a Nintendo DS. Can the framerate keep up? And one would hope there isn’t too much touchscreen integration.

Final Fantasy XIII – March 9 (360, PS3)

I have some love/hate issues with many Final Fantasy games, and the ones I really enjoy are generally not the ones others felt were the best in the series. I’m talking about Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy XII. One was a throwback to olden days with mages and castles, and the other a mix of MMORPG aesthetics and unburdened freedom. This one, however, looks pretty, but is being touted as extremely linear. ActionButton totally ripped it a new one. Still, my curiousity has been itched, and I’m definitely pleased to see it as a multiplatform release.

Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening – March 16 (PC, PS3, 360)

Having only logged about 12 hours in Dragon Age: Origins at the moment, I’m both happy and nervous about more game content. I mean, the original is huge as is, and it’ll be a long time before I see all there is to see. I guess though, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the worst thing in the world, going back to Ferelden for more slaughtering, more persuading, more sexy times. I just won’t be rushing out to pick this up until I’ve exhausted what I’ve got now.

God of War III – March 16 (PS3)

I don’t own a Playstation 3, but that can’t keep me away. If anything, God of War III‘s imminent release has only opened Pandora’s Box and reminded me that I’ve still not beaten God of War, stuck on that final battle against Ares. Sigh. He’s a tough god, I’ll give him that. But a bit cheap. I can only side-roll so many times before he takes me down.

Not sure if I’ll ultimately make a purchase this month though as I’ve still got a ton of other games to play, many that I only just started. Ahem, Dragon Age: Origins, ahem ahem, Grand Theft Auto IV ahem. We’ll see…

Top 5 Most Anticipated Games in 2010

Ah, 2009 is drawing to a close. It’s been an interesting one, filled with lots of games and excitement, as well as some disappointment. This was the year that I finally got an Xbox 360 and moved into the current generation, playing games that were mostly released one or two years ago. Oh well. I’m not rich, and we all know it. Besides, sometimes it is fun playing catch up.

But 2010 looms, and here’s the top five games I’m most looking forward to:

5. Final Fantasy XIII

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new Final Fantasy game coming out. Also, if you haven’t heard, then chances are you’re probably dead. Or undead. One of those. Anyways, this one looks amazingly flashy and kind of a bit like Final Fantasy VIII in some ways. It has a more science fiction tone to it than actual…fantasy. The fact that it’s coming to multiple platforms is great, and I’m definitely intrigued by a lot of the screenshots/videos that have surfaced. Battles look intense. I just worry that it is far too linear because I loved how much freedom the player was given in Final Fantasy XII, and to lose such a thing would be like taking seven steps back.

4. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

This has the potential to be my favorite mash-up of LEGOs and something else. Reports say that a lot of the camera issues have been fixed in LEGO Indiana Jones 2 so hopefully they brought that over in this one. Exploring Hogwarts is sure to be a blast, and even though it only covers the first four books there’s bound to be tons of stuff to do, collect, and see, all while casting a few spells. I’m sure this’ll be yet another LEGO game that flares up my OCD. Stay tuned for that.

3. Fable III

Fable II taunted us with lots of promises, and the game turned out to be…pretty good. Not great, not stellar, not the end-all, be-all. Just pretty good (with lackluster DLC). But that’s okay because there’s a sequel in the works, and this time you’ll play the ruler of all the land. Are you going to be a kind king or an evil queen? That’s up to you. Hopefully the consequences from these choices drastically affect those around you…otherwise, it’ll just be the same ol’, same ol’, but with slightly new clothes. Still, I’m looking forward to it because the humor of Fable II still sits in the back of my mind, chuckling to itself, and I really enjoyed a lot of my time in Albion. The combat, however, could use a little more spunk, as could the menu system. Actually, I have a long list of things that could be better, but nonetheless I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

2. The Scott Pilgrim videogame

I absolutely love this graphic novel series, and considering how stuffed it is with videogame mentions and adorations it is only perfect that it’s becoming a videogame itself. My hope is that it’ll be a 2D side-scroller, something of a throwback to Mario or Sonic or even Streets of Rage, but truthfully…I’ll be happy with whatever it is. Glad to know that there’s even input from Bryan Lee O’Malley, the series creator, which gives me hope. Will probably release around the same time as the motion picture. And maybe there will be a “hot coffee” moment starring Kim Pine? Maybe? Man, I’m creepy.

1. Fallout: New Vegas

Mmm…more Fallout. Granted, Fallout: New Vegas is not being made by Bethesda, but I have confidence it’ll be designed in the same mold (and greatness) of Fallout 3. Plus, Nevada is a great setting, considering there’s plenty of desert to explore, and I can only imagine the Vegas Strip destroyed, the hundreds of slot machines in ruins, the ghoul hookers looking for a nightcap and a bite. So long as this one has just as many options and freedom, I’m buying it the day it’s released, something I rarely ever do.

What games are you most looking forward to in 2010?

Holy ginormous chocobos!

The chocobos in Final Fantasy XIII are huuuuuuuuuuuge! Much bigger than they’ve ever been, if memory serves me correctly. Don’t believe me? Check out these scans below: