Dragon Age: Inquisition’s war table is frozen with fear

dragon age inquisition war table game freezes gd

My favorite quest so far in Dragon Age: Inquisition is the one where you move the cursor across the war table map only to have the game freeze and hard-lock your PlayStation 3, forcing you to manually power it down, turn it back on, report an error to Sony–which I assume goes right into some digital trash bin–and then wait five to ten minutes while the console does a repair fix to ensure nothing got broken. I love this mission so much that I’ve replayed it at least four times now. Sometimes I like to do this mission after playing for a good amount and forgetting to save recently, forcing me to replay parts I already did because I can’t seem to remember just how borked this AAA title from BioWare actually is.

No wonder people are playing Dragon Age: Inquisition for such a high amount of hours. Seems like whatever latest patch that went on did nothing to fix stability, certainly nothing to enlarge the tiny text. Grr. To the Void with that!


8 responses to “Dragon Age: Inquisition’s war table is frozen with fear

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  2. Ive had this happen to me at least 10 times now, it drives me nuts. And I have to sit within 4 feet of my tv (a 38 inch) to read anything.

    Fix this, bioware/ea!!!

  3. I have to do the same as Adam in order to read the text.

    Also, my game freezes at the war table all the time too (PS3). It freezes in the Hinterlands too. I had to delete a character I had 10 hours played with because it froze during a save and corrupted that save file which was the only one I had and the autosaves would not load (it froze during the black loading screen).

    The patch seems to have fixed the other problem I had where I had to skip dialogue in cut scenes because nothing would happen.

    This is so frustrating. It’s a good game but damn these freezes make me want to destroy my copy and my PS3.

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  5. It is September 2015 and nothing has fixed this problem. I actually think its worse than when I started playing it back in Jan/Feb. At least Skyrim soft freezes…

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