How do you pronounce Serge in Chrono Cross?

say my name Serge_FMV

Yesterday, I finally got around to kickstarting my goal of finishing these five videogames some time this year, starting off with Chrono Cross. It’s an RPG I’ve played countless times before, but always only up to a specific point; generally, it is around the time you switch, for story-related reasons, from controlling Serge to controlling Lynx. Tara recently replayed, too–well, back in October 2011–but she ended up getting stuck somewhere. I don’t remember where. Maybe she can elaborate in the comments below. I dunno…I just lose interest after awhile, and then something new and shiny takes hold of me, and I never return, which is a shame as it is one of my favorite gaming adventures thanks to its stellar soundtrack and versatile combat system. I blame myself more than the Frozen Flame.

I’ve got just about four hours under my re-playing belt at this point, but I’ll save my musings and love and admiration stuff for a separate post. For now, let’s talk about something that Tara and I can’t agree on: how to pronounce Serge’s name. To me, I say it like “surge of water,” and given what happens to him in the alternate realm…well, that fits. Tara, however, pronounces it like “ser gey,” with a flair to the whole thing. I’m not so sure how I like that. Since this is the PlayStation 1 and voice acting was extremely limited back in the day, we don’t ever hear anyone say his name out loud, especially since the player can also change it to Pauly or Potasio or whatever they feel like calling our blue-haired silent protagonist. And so I turn to you, dear Grinding Down readers, to voice your opinions.

All right, hopefully there’s a poll below for you to click on. I don’t make many of these so I’m not too confident on how to embed ’em. If it’s there, say your peace:


4 responses to “How do you pronounce Serge in Chrono Cross?

  1. I still stand by Serge/Ser-gey, because in French class in our audio books there was a lad on there with that name, and it was said that way. So yeah, that’s what I’ve been going by.

    Anyway, I was stuck somewhere, wish I could remember exactly where– Isle of the damned or something like that–that seems fitting. I roamed around and couldn’t find what I needed to find (masamune?), suppose I’ll have to look it up.

  2. I say it Surge. Also, stick with the game. Nothing really seems to happen for the first 2/3 of the game, and then everything happens at once and it’s amazing. Well, if you’ve played Chrono Trigger anyways. One of the final areas is like a bunch of connected essays and imaginings on the events of Chrono Trigger, and it’s wonderful. Couldn’t say which game I love more at this point.

    • I’m currently in Viper Mansion! I beat Chrono Trigger for the first time last year and enjoyed a lot of it, but I think I love CC more.

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