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Borderlands 2 level cap will increase, but at a price

borderlands 2 level cap increase

Well, it’s finally happening. The level cap in Borderlands 2 is set to increase from 50 to 61 on April 2, 2013. Woo, yay, and exploding buckets of confetti! Well, no, maybe not all of that. This has process has taken longer than many Vault Hunters first imagined and hoped for, as this change required re-balancing, re-tuning, and re-testing the entire game, according to Gearbox Software. Granted, I don’t remember how long after the original Borderlands came out that we got a level cap increase, but I do remember this much: it was free.

That’s right. You’ll be able to gain more levels past 50, but you will have to chalk up $4.99, unless you have already purchased the Season Pass, which I have not based on the lackluster second and third DLC packs. Phooey on that, and phooey on me. Granted, you get more than just the level cap increase with this purchase, as powerful new “Ancient” E-Tech relics and rare Pearlscent-grade weapons will now be found within the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode (more on that in a sec). Pearlscent-colored weapons are originally from Borderlands though I never found one back then.

At this point into Borderlands 2, I don’t really play as much as I did during its initial months out, especially when I had some friends online also playing, like Lee Bretschneider and Thomas Rothlisberger. My specifically specced Siren has been capped at 50 for awhile now, and I’ve been lucky enough to find and trade for some amazing legendary guns like the Rapid Infinity through friends and farming. Even got a (now nerfed) Bee shield all on my own. Anyways, I’ve felt pretty over her at this point since there’s no more room to grow, and I have been tinkering with an Assassin character (somewhere around LV 25), but it’s not how I like to play. So I’d love a chance to get back and see my Siren enhance her abilities and get even crazier weapons and take down bandits in the upper 50s.

Now, alongside this paid level cap DLC, Gearbox is patching Borderlands 2 with some free additions. Here’s the list they’ve come up with:

  • Adds new items to the Black Market:
    • One additional ammo upgrade for each ammo type, at 50 Eridium each.
    • Two more backpack storage space upgrades, at 50 and 100 Eridium respectively.
    • Two more bank storage space upgrades, at 50 and 100 Eridium, respectively.
  • Increases the maximum amount of Eridium players can hold from 99 to 500.
  • Adds a new playthrough balanced for top-tier play: Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.
  • Various bug fixes.

Hmm. So, Gearbox is giving us a free third playthrough, but for most Vault Hunters, by that point you’re probably capped or near the cap. And so this is their way of nearly forcing you to buy the paid level increase; otherwise, there’s no point to UVHM. I do like that I’ll be able to expand my bank and backpack a bit more though increased Eridium doesn’t matter to me as I never go after those raid bosses. I beat Terramorphous the Invincible once, and that was good enough.

I don’t know. I’m rather conflicted over this. Five bucks to continue strengthening and playing with a character I love? Sure, it’s not a high cost whatsoever. It just feels rather undermining. Ugh. We’ll see. Chances are high I’ll get this, though maybe not just yet, as the fourth DLC won’t hit until the end of June, and a lot of my continuing on with Borderlands 2 depends on what that is and how it changes things for good.

Miriel died as fast as lagging fowls before the northern blast

rip fire-emblem-awakening-miriel-mini

Before moving on to the next story-based mission, I played the second Paralogue last night in Fire Emblem: Awakening, which is called The Secret Seller. In this one, a bunch of enemy soldiers are trying to destroy a village at the top of the map, but are opposed by an ally character named Anna. You basically need to get a single unit to visit the village and warn them off the incoming attack, as well as protect Anna and then rout the enemy. The difficulty in this map comes from a small bridge connecting the mass of land your units are on and the land with Anna and the village–it makes moving fast a slower process. Thankfully, Anna can hold her own for a few turns.

Now, since I’ve lost so many units so far, I was forced to use Miriel for the very first time, and that meant she was low level and underprepared. For awhile, I had her paired up with the newly acquired Nyna, but then I separated them, hoping Miriel could finish an enemy for some good XP. Alas, no. A man with an axe chopped her to pieces, and down she went. I should note that she technically “retired” so I guess I’ll still see her pop up in cutscenes now and again.

On the flipside, looks like I was able to get in good with Anna, a sword-swinging beast of a woman. Hopefully she’ll do more than just give me a discount at the store down the line, as I’d like to basically replace one redhead for another.

After all this, I took an emotional break and played some more Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon before passing out for the night, and I’m happy to report that no one has died yet in that game.