Ser Ilyn, bring me the head of the cover for Game of Thrones

Alternative title for this blog post: In the Game of Thrones cover design, you win or you die

Well, I was trying to enjoy my strawberry Poptarts and a cup of coffee this morning, but was rudely cover farted on by Game of Thrones: The Game, a new RPG based on a TV show based on a series of amazingly captivating books, dropping next month from Cyanide Studio. Let’s just cut to it then. Look at how dreadfully boring this looks:


This cover makes me think someone literally pitched “game” of “throne”, and no one said mum against it.

I was worried before about some of the odd changes and unnecessary additions being dumped into Game of Thrones: The Game, and I certainly wouldn’t be more interested in picking up a copy based on the cover art above. I understand that HBO is immensely proud of the throne they actually built for the set, often bringing it around to conventions for fans to sit in and briefly feel kingly, but an empty chair shrouded by pepper-black smoke does not say “roleplay in George R.R. Martin’s massive Westeros.” It says that no one tried, and that’s a real downer, given that there is countless material to pull from to present an exciting and enticing image; if anything, a map of Westeros would’ve been a better choice or a shot of a Night’s Watch member looking down from the Wall or–and I’m a wee reluctant to say this–some dragons despite the fact that they are not around at the given time of this videogame. I mean, dragons do sell, which is why they are on a lot of fantasy book covers whether integral to the plot or not.

That said, I’m still getting this game, if only to tell y’all about how terrible it is likely to be. I will try my hardest not to go into it totally biased by all of this, but that could be nigh impossible. We got the televised show that A Song of Ice and Fire deserves, but it’s looking unlikely we’ll get the same kind of treatment in the realm of videogames.

19 responses to “Ser Ilyn, bring me the head of the cover for Game of Thrones

  1. That is one travesty of a cover, for sure.

    Regardless of that snafu, I’m not down on the game itself. I’m fairly new to all things George R.R. Martin, so maybe I’m not as phased by the new area made for the game. But Martin did have input on it, so there’s that.

    As an RPG afficiando, I think the combat system looks deliciously complex and the settings look nice. I’m kind of indifferent if intrigued by it, so I’ll be giving the game a rent and giving it the ten hour tour before saying yay or nay on it.

    I just hope for your sake you keep your expectations in check, because if you go in hoping for the worst you’re going to find it.

    • RE: expectations in check. You’re absolutely right. The problem is that I’m not very passionate about a million things, and so the few that do get all of my heart and mind are really special to me. I love GRRM’s books and just want the greatest for them.

  2. ugh. i hate how you present your opinions and fact, and you’re so fucking negative about everything. oh, and your comic that you do SUCKS WICKED BAD. unsubbed.

  3. Snort! Trolls aplenty.

  4. look at this post. you post the artwork and then you’re like, “sigh…” like you’re some kind of fucking expert on video game artwork. now i’m saying saying whether i like it or not, but you’re the type of person who has to comment on every little thing that pops into your mind and act like u know what the fuck you’re talking about. “That said, I’m still getting this game, if only to tell y’all about how terrible it is likely to be.” dude, like I give a fuck about what you think of the game. all you post are these jaded blurbs about the games you’re playing, it’s been clogging up my subscription box for far too long. you should put the energy you put into this blog posting about your goddamn “achievements” and put that same energy into your artwork, maybe then it would be worth a fuck

    • Actually, I am an expert on video game boxart and that is pretty terrible.

    • Out of a, let’s say, morbid curiosity; Why would you have subscribed to video game opinion blog in the first place? You clearly hold no value in the opinions of others, writting them off as negative and/or unsubstantiated. So why go out of your way to read an opinon at all? Especially since, as you so eloquently stated it, you don’t “give a fuck.” If there wasn’t a fuck given I’d venture to say that you may have just quietly drifted into the ether having not seen a need to comment on the post. Subsequently, you proceeded to fire of a number of opinions of your own. Is in not a bit hypocrytical to pass your opinions as facts after calling out this blogger on the matter? Also,

      on the subject of
      artwork that “Sucks wicked ass”
      Look at your Haikus

      Peace love and shiny things,
      The Brakman

      • haha I don’t know, I guess i just enjoyed paul’s writing style and the content he was putting out at the time. I feel like such an ass now lol…

        ouch at that last bit…. i’m not going to try to defend my haikus, I knew that they sucked when I wrote them. that was sort of the point in a way. anyway, thanks for insulting me in haiku form that was very thoughtful

  5. Dear Mr. Marcsart,

    1) Please do not take your frustrations regarding your own obviously infinite number of personal failings out on the writer of this blog. Seek counseling. 2) Intrinsically, because this is a personal blog and not a scientifically controlled hive-mind consumer testing environment, the writer of this blog presents objective reflection, e.g. – opinions. Did you start using internet technology this very morning? 3) You unsubbed, then resubbed to correct a typo? That is deranged or peculiar or another reason why you should seek counseling. 4) You are projecting you own integral soul-belching negativity onto the writer of this blog, as he so astutely stated. 5) Even if a scientifically controlled hive-mind consumer testing environment could be created, the data collecting mechanism would deliver the following result – the vapid imagery on the cover of this game case is indeed, as the writer of the blog stated, very much like a fart. 6) By your insubstantial logic, your assertion that the writer of this blog’s comic “SUCKS WICKED BAD” (capitals yours), is you presenting your opinions as fact. However we have already established that logic to be glaringly faulty. Therefore his comics AUTOMATICALLY RULE. 7) Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out, douche.


    Ms. Sandsnake

    • You are my hero ❤

    • blah, blah, blah, I can spout off a bunch of $10 words too and try and pass myself off as smart while completely confusing the issue.

      listen, in all honesty i regretted posting this almost immediately after. I shouldn’t have done it. I’m not a troll or anything like that. Paul, you’re entitled to your opinion and god bless you for expressing it. Really though, work on your comic, it’s completely unintelligible…

  6. Dear Mr. Marcsart,

    I thought you unsubbed out of indignation. You are a liar or insane.


    Ms. Sandsnake

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