Super Meat Boy is the beefiest platformer out there

Quick, look over there! It’s another Indie Impression, and this one’s based on Super Meat Boy.

As you’ll soon read, I was able to beat all the levels in the first world save for the final boss. I gave up after too many fruitless attempts to slide down a vanishing wall into a hole before a sawblade turned Meat Boy into bits for a shish kebob party. But it was still a good time, and I can see why many love the beefy platformer, but I just can’t see myself going on, especially if I was getting stuck so early on. But yeah, great controls, great style, great boy made of meat. Eat it up, you masochistic fanatics.

5 responses to “Super Meat Boy is the beefiest platformer out there

  1. Super Meat Boy is just one of those games that is incredibly brutal and has absolutely no sense of mercy whatsoever… But never really becomes unfair. If you die, it’s always your fault.

    I wish more games could get the balance in difficulty right like that.

    Plus that sense of achievement once you finally do make it through a level and you see all your failed efforts being replayed alongside each other with the winning run at the same time. So rewarding.

    • I might go back at some point soon with a gamepad. Think I’ll have more control over the keyboard. I can only imagine what those rewarding feelings are like later on in the even trickier levels!

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