Waiting and wondering in LEGO Harry Potter, Years 5-7

Currently, I’m waiting. I’m sitting idle, I’m swaying idly. I’m waiting to hear back from my insurance company about whether they will cover my car after I hit a roadkilled deer head-on. I’m waiting to be disappointed. I’m waiting to be angry at myself, for being a failure and a coward and worser words than that. I’m waiting for today and tomorrow to be over with, and I’m waiting for better days.

And I’m also waiting in LEGO Harry Potter, Years 5-7, this time for an Achievement to pop:

Idling (20G): Stand still with no controller input for 5 minutes

Tara and I played some LEGO Harry Potter last night in an attempt to keep me distracted and smiling. The opposite of that involves me staring and sinking deeper into a mental hole. Anyways, it worked for the entirety of the time that we played. Got through some more levels, learned how to duel, discovered a crazy secret about Snape (more on that later), and unsuccessfully tried to find some shops to visit in Diagon Alley. After our play session was over, Tara went to tinkle, and I started to read through the game’s Achievements list, where I discovered one could be rewarded for doing absolutely nothing. For waiting. So I put the controller down, and listened to the trio make many mmm sounds as other LEGO wizards passed by. Tara joined me soon after, and we sat on our cold couch, huddled beneath a blanket, saying little and waiting a lot.

Alas, this type of Achievement is a perfect example of wasted design space. Unless my theory rings true. And I posit this, that the idling in the Achievement’s title is in reference to the time period where the trio were camping and unsure of where to go next. Otherwise, I can’t make a connection between the source material and the game.

To keep this waiting theme going strong, too, please wait for more posts on Grinding Down. Hopefully there will be some content that isn’t just me crying with words…

3 responses to “Waiting and wondering in LEGO Harry Potter, Years 5-7

  1. I think this achievement is rather clever. It reminds me of one in the first LEGO Harry Potter in which you had to turn the volume all the way down while you were in the library. It’s nonsensical, but strangely charming and fun.

  2. I’m playing LEGO Harry Potter too, and I did the same thing when looking through the Achievements list. Naturally, I just sat the controller down and did something else until it popped up.

    So far I am enjoying the game. My girlfriend and I played for a couple hours last night and both had a great time. All she does is run around shooting stuff and I just pick up the coins and advance the story. Not sure though how I feel about the way the screen splits when you separate: it’s fairly awkward.

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