Y’know, that Alpha Male Deathclaw glitch

I’m going to be talking about a spectacular glitch from Fallout: New Vegas today, one so amazing in its horribleness and mind-fuckery that I had planned to draw a journal comic about it, but my wife beat me to the punch, which is fine as it’s a great l’il comic that captured the infamous event perfectly:

Click for a bigger version, yo. And yeah, I like to sit on the floor when I play. Wanna make something of it?

Right. Glitches and Fallout: New Vegas. I just can’t seem to escape writing about ’em. And this one’s a doozy. I was just beginning to scope out the landscape with Rhaegar, my fourth playthrough character, trying to locate some of the more pertinent locations so that they would be ready for fast-traveling. Leaving Goodsprings, I headed out towards Sloan because I knew that I could at least get a few snippets of EXP from fixing one of the generators and healing Snuffle’s injuries. What, you don’t know who Snuffles is? Why, she’s Sloan’s personal mole rat, a friendly one too. As I crept closer, I noticed the [hidden] status changing to [caution] and then [danger] despite no enemies being nearby at all. The status continued to change back and forth, too. Very bewildering. I headed into one of the shacks in Sloan to ask about how to make Deathclaw omelets, hoping to nip this weird status glitch in the butt. Nope, so I headed back outside…

…to discover, to my and Snuffle’s horror, that an Alpha Male Deathclaw, probably the toughest enemy in all of Fallout: New Vegas, had spawned directly in the middle of Sloan. Now that blinking [danger] status made sense. With one swipe, it murdered Snuffles and then took Rhaegar down. The game loaded up with my latest auto-save, which was me exiting the building, and the Deathclaw still spawned. Rinse and repeat. The third time, I turned 180 degrees, and went back inside the building, praying nothing followed me–nothing did. Carefully, cautiously, I went back outside. The Deathclaw was gone, my status stated I was safely [hidden], and all was quiet. Too quiet. No sniffling sound, and that’s when I saw her, Snuffles, slumped over, unmoving, unmovable. The Alpha Male Deathclaw glitch had left its mark for certain. I made a bee-line for Novac and haven’t gone back to Sloan yet. Probably never will.

Last night, Boone found himself trapped inside a bunch of desks in Vault 3 for too long, switching between melee and ranged weapons with strange determination. A funny glitch, but not as harrowing as the Alpha Male Deathclaw one. We’ll see how many more pop up as I continue to hunt for those few remaining Achievements…

5 responses to “Y’know, that Alpha Male Deathclaw glitch

  1. Generally my game froze more than anything else for glitches. The worst one I ever had is where no matter what I did akk I could do was walk forward, I couldn’t even look in a different direction.

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  5. People generally seem to say their game freezes with this game. And yes these game is abundant with bugs. But i genuinely love playing this game.

    However i have had a VERY strange glitch and cannot seem to find anyone else with the same problem.

    My glitch is where i have the [CAUTION] appear when i am sneaking randomly even when I am in towns or NCR camps. It is not attached to a specific area. It will disappear and reappear for no foreseeable reason whatsoever. I have the wild wasteland perk with my character, and I thought maybe this was causing the problem(maybe something i did triggered the glitch). This bug started to happen after my companion, ED-E , started screwing up. I think he was caught up fighting bad guys, or something because one day he was not behind me. After he left the [CAUTION] glitch started happening. About 3 weeks(in-game) later a message popped up on my screen saying that ED-E had returned to Primm. I love ED-E as a companion, so naturally i went to ick him up again. when i walked into the building in Primm where you find him him in the first place, and he showed up as a red dot on my compass. He then attacked me! I was so surprised. The only solution was to kill him. I thought this might fix my [CAUTION] glitch. It did not. I have a new companion now and every so often he will point at the wall, or some spot in the difference and make taunts, as if there is an enemy there. It is very annoying. I just want to know what could possibly cause this problem.

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