Ridiculous door glitch in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is ridiculous

For about twenty minutes last night, I had lost all hope. I had resigned myself to believing that all my progress, all my hard work and suffering of bad boss battles and frustrating level design and tiny text in Deus Ex: Human Revolution was all for naught. The game kept freezing, seven times in total, all at the same spot, which is in front of a door on the last level called “Tipping Point.” After each freeze, I popped the game’s disc out and checked for scratches, but there were none–of course there were none, having never dropped the disc or mishandled it in any way possible. So, how was I going to get through this blasted door then?

The Internet told me not to worry, that it was a glitch. Others had come across it on the Xbox 360. I was not alone in my pain. But many were just as confused and confounded over it; some tried walking backwards to the door, which worked, but the moment they looked at it, the game froze. Others suggested turning invisible or sprinting, but nothing was working. Until…I read a post with what sounded like a totally ridiculous solution, but, at the end of my rope, decided to try. I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain. And lo and behold, the trick worked. For my fellow glitch prisoners, here’s how to get through those doors:

Before heading up the stairs leading to the double doors, crouch. Then position yourself so that you are looking at the ground below your feet, but at a forward enough angle to still move forward when pushing the controls to do so. Go forward until you hit the door; you should be able to see a sliver of it, and if you’re lucky enough, the prompt to “press X to open” should still be available. Open that door and walk through, still looking down at the ground. Keep going down the stairs until halfway. You should now be able to stand and save your progress. Do not turn around to look at that door or go anywhere near it ever again. That door and you are done.

How ridiculous is all of that?

A. Extremely
B. Incalculably
C. Unequivocally
D. Immeasurably
E. All of the above

Please show your work.


8 responses to “Ridiculous door glitch in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is ridiculous

  1. I can’t believe that actually worked! It’s like the door is the open Ark of the Covenant. Haha, I’m still laughing!

    Glad to hear you were able to overcome your Deus Ex Door woes. I’m assuming you finished the entire game then? How was it? I’ve still yet to play any Deus Ex title…

    • I completed the game shortly after this section, and am so glad to be done with DE: HR (for now). Kinda tired of writing whiney blog posts about it heh.

  2. I might get crap for this, but…whatever.
    It’s because you have it for the 360. I never had an issue for it on my PS3. No glitches, no frame rate drops, no freezing.
    Just saying, that’s why I love the PS3. 😛

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  6. Saved my ass
    Love you

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