Daily Archives: June 20, 2011

Stephen Stills and Kim Pine as adorable vigilantes

On a whim, I played a teeny bit of Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: The Game the other day, a game I haven’t touched since I completed it in February. And within a few minutes, after killing maybe ten to fifteen camera-wielding paparazzi goons, I unlocked the following Achievement:

Vigilante (20G): Defeated 1,000 enemies.

Do you know what that means, Grinding Down readers? It means that, for months–for MONTHS–I was just sitting pretty, only a few pummeled punks away from a seemingly impossible Achievement. There’s no in-game tracking system, and while it did feel like Tara and I as Kim Pine and Scott Pilgrim, respectively, killed a ton of dudes, I never imagined that number would’ve climbed high enough to be even an inch close to the big total of 1,000. And Stephen Stills was the one to take us to the edge and over, dropping one heck of an elbow. Truly, it was a magical moment, and I rewarded Stills as any man should be rewarded, with¬†one of everything at the Fancy Chip Wagon.

And then there wasn’t anything else pulling me forward so I turned the game off, squeezing in some Street Fighter IV¬†online fights and Borderlands. The remaining three Achievements in SPVTWTG are very grindy, and considering how much I struggled through the main game on the easiest of difficulties, I doubt I’ll put myself through it again. I think toppling 1,000+ enemies is more than enough for our ragtag bunch.