Pre-owned PlayStation 2 memory cards tell the best stories

GameStop likes to email me, and I occasionally read said emails, but the majority get glanced at and then deleted. Except for the most recent one, which hit home deeply in that they were advertising pre-owned PlayStation 2 memory cards for only $4.99–down from $9.99. And I’ve been needing more save space desperately because I’ve run out of room on the sole one I’ve had since the very first days of gaining that special console, and there’s only so much data I can delete. Yup, even though I no longer have my copy of Suikoden V, I can’t bring myself to delete my 80+ hour save. That’s like throwing out a kid you birthed or helped birth.

But now I no longer have that problem because, after having corrected the local GameStop employee that they should cost $4.99 and not $9.99, I acquired another full 8 MB of space to use for all those new PlayStation 2 titles I’ve bought recently. But first, I had to delete everything off the pre-owned memory card, and man oh man, Grinding Down readers, did the logged games on this card paint a picture. There were at least three different save sessions for various Need for Speed titles, several sportsy ones like Madden and NHL, lots of Medal of Honor games, and then came the oddballs: LEGO Star Wars II, Spider-man 2, and Karaoke Revolution.

A quick Google search helped me find the memory card’s original owner(s):


But seriously, that’s more or less the picture being painted here from game saves alone. There’s about 80% typical fratboy games (guns, balls, fast cars), and then a few that do not seem to fit, that exist maybe solely to entertain a roofied girlfriend for a bit. They all got deleted. I’m sorry if you’re a fratboy or a drugged girl and I offended you. Really, I am.

And then, unfortunately, there’s a small chunk of save space on the memory card labeled “corrupted data” that cannot be deleted; this worried me at first, and I really did not want to have to return a used PS2 memory card for another one, but this corrupted data actually does not seem to affect anything. I was able to start saving game progress for Tokobot Plus: Mysteries of the Karakuri immediately.

With plenty of save space available, I’m now actually inspired to start playing some of these PlayStation 2 games I’ve got collecting dust around here. I know, it’s 2011, and I’m only just getting to ’em now, but the PlayStation 2 is so not dead; it’s a great system that is only now making its way out the door, but there’s plenty of life left in it, so long as you got enough memory cards.

10 responses to “Pre-owned PlayStation 2 memory cards tell the best stories

  1. It would have been nice if you asked before you used my profile pic for this. Also, why would someone need to unscrew a memory card. Also, I have a spare if you need it.

  2. Good stuff. Can’t say I have ever bought a pre-owned memory card, but none of the titles you listed surprise me at all.

    I’m with you on finally tackling some of the PS2 games sitting around. I went bargain bin hunting recently and picked up a few games I missed out on from that era (Sly, Zone of the Enders, MGS3, etc.). Plus my girlfriend has the Fatal Frame trilogy, and I have been meaning to play through those. Ahhh, so many games, so little time…

  3. lewispackwood

    Love that picture.

    This has inspired me to dig out the PS2 again – Gregory Horror Show is just begging to be played again…

  4. That’s why I kept ALL my memory cards lol. I could never get rid of Legend of Dragoon… I feel the exact same way about it: that is my baby!

  5. The title alone of this blog is the incredibly artistic. I love it! Nice job =) I mostly love it because I would always get memory cards from stores that had games on it and I would be so excited because the previous owners were always way better than me and had cool in-game perks haha

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