The Nintendo 3DS eShop opened later than expected

Yesterday morning, before heading off to the day job, I took a chance and tried to see if the system update for my Nintendo 3DS was available; it wasn’t, but I did find a message telling me a bit about the newest update and that it would be available for downloading this evening. Okay, I thought, I’ll get it tonight and have some time to tinker and explore before going to bed. The final result? I went to bed at 1:00 in the morning…eShop-less. What a shame, as I most definitely had time to kill considering I beat Red Faction: Guerrilla and watched an episode of Cheers.

However, the update was available this morning for downloading, which I did do. Took about five minutes or so. That means that it either went live in the two hours in Pacific time that would still allow it to count for its June 6, 2011, timeframe or it missed the mark completely. Either way, it was pretty disappointing; when given a launch date of June 6 for something special, no one–and I mean no one–assumes that the launch time would be something like 11:30 at night. Give it to us early in the day so we can, y’know, start using it. I don’t know. Nintendo will never really get with it in these terms, but still, it was frustrating. I’ve now downloaded my free copy of Excitebike 3D and the Pokedex thingy, but that’s all I could do as I then had to go drive to work. Will try out more of the shop, web browser, and freebie games tonight, I guess.

I’m sure most people were distracted by all the crazy E3 news as of late, but not me…I was hoping for some play time with my 3DS, a system that barely gets used for the reasons it was made. I haven’t switched on the 3D slider in weeks. Looks like Nintendo’s victory points are in another castle.

Anyways…got any suggestions for DSiWare titles to pursue? I like ’em cheap and kooky if that’s any help.

4 responses to “The Nintendo 3DS eShop opened later than expected

  1. I also was looking for DSiWare titles to peruse, and ended up deciding on a few staples: Dr. Mario, Bookworm, and this nifty little electronic keyboard simulator called Music On: Electronic Keyboard. I had the Korg simulator for the DS, and although it was full-featured, I found this Abylight keyboard a lot more fun to use, and a really cool little portable keyboard for times you’re just fooling around wanting something to do.

  2. Otherwise, I found the best reviews to be on NintendoLife (that is, if you can keep from getting frustrated reloading a lot of timed out pages due to everybody going to that site)

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