June 6 is the new “late May” for the Nintendo 3DS eShop

If you’ve been pretty disappointed with your Nintendo 3DS and haven’t found much reason to turn it on as of late, well…that problem is going to continue on as the Nintendo’s eShop has been delayed until June 6 in North America (June 7 in Japan; wait, we’re getting something before Japan does?).

Originally, Nintendo’s next firmware update for the 3DS was due to hit in late May, and it’s now been a couple of months since the system’s release with no online gaming connectivity or shopping. Considering the lackluster launch titles, I was hoping to pick up some quirky, cheap downloadable games (or at least demos) to show off this new system’s cool 3D tricks and tech. That has not happened. Nor can players currently port over via SD card DSi software they’ve already purchased. Even the possibility of a free Excite Bike doesn’t dampen the disappointment that–as always–Nintendo can’t get things like online interaction right. Supposedly, we’ll also be getting an Internet browser in this update, which I might never use because I have, uh, a laptop for that.

I think we’re all getting the impression that Nintendo launched its newest console prematurely. This eShop should have been implemented and functional from the very get-go. Guess this also means a longer wait for Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version. A dang shame.

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