Daily Archives: April 8, 2011

Better blogging on Grinding Down next week, me promises

I realize that this week’s postings on Grinding Down have been less than stellar. Two 2011 Games Completed posts, and one lonely musings post on my first StreetPass notification. That’s it? Yeah, that was it. I’m sorry for that, but I also have an excellent excuse: I’ve been crazily prepping for MoCCA these last few days. And the con is this weekend, meaning that once it’s all said and done, I’ll be back to my usual standards of randomly pondering about videogames, doing that 30 Days of Gaming meme, and complaining about all the letdowns built into the Nintendo 3DS.

I’ve completed Pilotwings Resort recently–or completed as much as I want to–and am close to finishing Costume Quest, making for another two posts on my 2011 completed games list. Plus, I’ve barely even mentioned all those games I bought last week during Xbox Live’s sale frenzy. Plenty of fodder all around.

So yeah, there should be more content next week. Please stay tuned.

Today’s my first day off from work this calendar year, and the wife and I will be heading to New York City later. Gotta make sure my 3DS is charged and ready to hopefully StreetPass some folk.