Tiny text is the plan, the plan is death

The Xbox 360 version of Torchlight was my breaking point, and so I wrote a little editorial about tiny text in videogames, which is one of the worst new gaming trends currently invading this industry, and you can read my sophisticated rantings over at The First Hour. I’ve also linked the image above, which will hopefully help you with your clicking.

And thanks goes to the late and great James Tiptree, Jr. for help with the article’s title.

So, yeah, read on. Don’t worry; the font size over at The First Hour is perfectly fine. Let me know what you think. I can’t really imagine there’s many people out there in the world that actually enjoy squinting at their TV screens, but hey…some people are oddjobs.

One response to “Tiny text is the plan, the plan is death

  1. Sorry, I’m going to comment here instead of the First Hour article.
    This has frustrated me about so many games.

    Tiny text cuts my Mass Effect playtime in half because I have to take a break early in. And I had the same problem with Dragon Age: Origins.
    It’s not like the text is there ALL the time, you can afford to lose some of the art for the sake of readability.

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