How to catch Victini

Victini is a legendary Psychic/Fire rodent-like Pokémon in Pokémon White/Black. It’s also a pain in the 8-bit butt to catch. Here’s a little step-by-step guide to getting victory on your side.


Select MYSTERY GIFT from the main menu screen. Then select RECEIVE GIFT and tap YES. Select GET VIA NINTENDO WFC and tap YES. If your settings are in order, a connection will be made, and a new screen should declare that you can pick up the Liberty Pass at your local Pokémart.


Head to the closet Pokémart and speak to the deliveryman in blue. He’ll hand over the Liberty Pass to you, and now would be an excellent time to save your progress.


After earning two gym badges, you’ll be able to cross a huge bridge and reach Castelia City. Once in the city, head all the way to the left without going down any streets or alleys, and you’ll hit Liberty Pier. Take the boat here to the very not-garden-like-at-all garden and get ready to fight some Team Plasma grunts; they have Victini cornered in tower’s basement. Once you’ve defeated all three grunts, you can challenge Victini to a battle.


Not as easy as it sounds. Speak to Victini to begin a battle with it. The legendary Pokémon is level 15, knows some good fire moves, and can be a little tough to wear down to a teeny, tiny fraction of health. Once you have it there, be prepared to throw a lot of Pokéballs. A lot. I went through at least twenty-plus: Heal Balls, normal Pokéballs, Great Balls, and several Nest Balls. Just keep throwing them and it’ll eventually happen, I promise. Or you can try to put Victini to sleep or paralyze it, which my Pokémon team could not do.

If Victini faints, exit the room and re-enter to try again. And don’t forget that the officer at the top of the steps can heal your Pokémon for you.

Best of luck, Trainers!

The adorable artwork headlining this post comes from DeviantArt user Aonik.


17 responses to “How to catch Victini

  1. thanks for the help.i haven’t bought black or white version as yet but i was wondering if i downloaded the liberty pass before April 10 would i be able to still catch Victini after that date? a reply via email would be appreciated.

  2. save the game before and when you fail restart the game and load the save dont have to waste all the pokeballs duhhh


  4. My daughter captured Victini, but we can’t find him. We expected him to show up in the list of Pokemon she already has but he’s not there. What are we doing wrong?
    Funny thing is all the turtorials explain how download the Liberty ticket and what strategy they used to catch him, but nothing is written about what you do after you capture him.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • If there were already 6 Pokemon in your team, Victini will be in your storage space in the computer. Go to your local Pokemark and check out the PC to switch out your Pokemon to make space for Victini.

      • It appears the problem is that she caught Victini, but got distracted and forgot to save so we couldn’t find him. She managed to catch him a second time the next day so we are good now. Victini is in her Pokemon list. Thanks for your reply.

  5. due thanks fo the help and i must have got lucky because i only had to use 2 pokemon balls lol and its a dang good lvling spot 500 exp every time you kill him so my advice sence he dosent go away lol train on him first lol

  6. Wow… I just tried catching it. I used my Pignite, lvl 31.

    I caught it in one try using one ultra ball. XD

  7. I read about 5 different guides on how to catch Victini… and then I finally decided to try it for myself. I caught it on the very first try! I used only one great ball on it! Now that’s called LUCK! 😀
    Now I don’t know what to do with 24 great balls I have left…


    PWN i only had to use one ultra ball used psybeam 2 times got it confused and put it to sleep 🙂

  9. wow you know something all couldve just used action replay….lmao.I have all Legendaries.I didnt cheat either.If you wanna know how send me a message on youtube.Btw It took me 3 pokeballs to catch Victini…..

  10. i hacked, and now i hav 600 shiny victinis

  11. I have the liberty pass, beat the elite four, and am now trying to get to Victini….But no matter how many times I try, I can’t get on the dang boat……Any ideas as to what’s going on? All the lady says is “People are quite different, depending on where they live. It’s a bit surprising that rules and ways of thinking are different just because the places we live are different!”

    I don’t understand what could be wrong. Any ideas?

  12. For me when i press “Get Via Nintendo WFC” it works for a little then says no gifts were found. Please Help

  13. But how do you get the liberty pass because the date to get it has gone

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