Pokémon White/Black strategy for earning easy EXP

I know I’m not the first to stumble upon this easy EXP-earning strategy for Pokémon White/Black, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to share it with y’all nonetheless. I’ve been falling back on it each time I reach a new location, as the Pokémon there are most often several levels higher than my team.

Right, well, in all Pokémon games, grass is where the wild pocket monsters are most often at. The Generation V games have added a new addition though: shaking grass. Occasionally, a small patch of grass will shake, and if you run into it you’ll encounter a rarer Pokémon, specifically Audino, a hearing Pokémon with high HP and a lot of pink to it; you can catch one if you want, but I suggest making them faint more because they yield a ton of EXP, ranging from 200 to 700 depending on their levels. Seeking these out by running back and forth in front–not in–of a grass section will help you raise your Pokémon extremely fast. They aren’t tricky to defeat as two of Audino’s moves will, 9 times out of 10, fail because he/she is using them incorrectly (Helping Hand and Refresh). What a n00b!

I did catch a female Audino and nicknamed her Audrey; surprisingly, she’s a powerhouse, with a high amount of hit points and DoubleSlap (more like QuadrupleSlap, am I right?!), but I don’t know how much longer I’ll use her. Normal Pokémon can only get a trainer so far after all. Audino certainly helps make grinding more bearable, as well as faster, and I do know that other rarer Pokémon can be found in a similar fashion in dust clouds and water ripples.

Hope this helps! I’m gonna be taking down plenty more Audinos before I try to make it through the Pinwheel Forest unscathed.


14 responses to “Pokémon White/Black strategy for earning easy EXP

  1. Play more Radiant Historia!

  2. if you hold a lucky egg and fight that pokemon the xp is off the hook

  3. Poke White Masta¤

    Highest I got from Audino farming is 12573. And you can use the Day-Care Trick (1.Put pokemon you want to level in Day-Care 2. Fly to nimbassa city and go to Battle Subway to the outer most point without touching anything or anyone. 3. Find something to hold down the B and Down buttons. 4. Plug in all night and wake up to see level 60+ at least! 🙂

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  5. i agree with pokemon master guy

  6. give the lucky egg to a pokemon. have 5 other pokemon with pickup in your party that are at least lv.41.( like lilipup or phanfy ) then fight any pokemon, though preferabely one that gives a lot of exp. after each battle you have there is a 10% chance one of the pokemon with pickup will have a rare candy.

    P.S. rare candies will not ruin your stats as long as you ev train.

  7. when i beat the elite 4 and alder i got a few Pokemon near lvl60 out of my PC then caught some powerful ones and decided to train them to beat elite 4. i later realized a good way to train them. with a Pokemon about 65+ go to small court and big stadium and beat the people there for a lot of exp. for weaker Pokemon get a strong Pokemon to beat them and have the weak Pokemon hold an exp share. the best thing about this is you can do it once a day and it gets easier to beat each time since your Pokemon are leveling up. for the rest of the days u can just farm audinos like it says above. it got my Pokemon from about 62 to 68/69 in a few days but keep them rested since the enemy Pokemon levels/difficulty/quantity varies.

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  9. Thank you for the information, as I was being an idiot (of course) by running up and down within the grass. Well, your method was surprisingly easier. I hope you don’t mind that I linked to this article in my latest blog post!

  10. Pokemon white warrior

    if u go to route 7 give a lucky egg to the pokemon you want to level up.walk on the high platform things were le clowns are and wait till u se shaking grass. If you go to the shaking grass and u find audino u can get (i think) about 900-2100 exp depending on how hi level ur pokemon is (lower level pokemon gain more exp) if u find emolga u dont gat much exp

  11. Pokemon white warrior

    this has nothing 2 do with the subject but if u want to evolve pansear THE SUN STONE IS NOT THE SAME AS THE FIRE STONE

  12. That last coment was kind-a dumb… but i will leave my 3ds on all night for my lv. 63 dialga ( i also play this game on the internet, and i named my guy dialga63 because he was like that 4 soooo long!!)

  13. pokemon black warrior

    ok, pokewarrior, ill consider that! …… i wonder what would happen if i put a lv1 ratata in the daycare for the subway trick for 24hours!

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