Daily Archives: March 5, 2011

Don’t see the point of Microsoft Points

I ran out real quick during my lunch break today to spend money on “money” to buy Torchlight with next week. Talking about the Xbox 360’s version of Space Bucks here, their Microsoft Points, which I still find to be a stupid process altogether. Why can’t we just charge the actual game price to a credit card rather than figure out how many MPs to deduct from our allotment?

So, today I spent $20.00 on 1600 MPs. Torchlight is marked to cost 1200 MPs, which in real terms is around $15.00. And that sucks because now I’ll be left with 400 MPs, an amount that can rarely get you a decent downloadable game except for when DLC add-ons goes on sale. I hate spending money like this; sure, I will eventually use the points on something, but right now, it comes across as a waste. Again, I repeat myself: why can’t games cost what they cost, and let the customer pay that amount via Paypal or a credit card or, if they are so inclined, Space Bucks?

And of course, you can’t just purchase 1200 MPs. No, no, that would make everything far too simple.

Options are a good thing, Microsoft head-honchos. I promise.

So, anyone know of anything worth getting for 400 MPs? Not the Pac-Man game that’s currently on sale.

P.S. Right now, without adding the 1600 MPs I just bought, I have a strangely odd amount of 10 MPs in my account. See how bizarre this process is? Bizarre and without a point.