The Top 10 Games I Didn’t Get to Play in 2010

Well, another year is coming to a close, and this is the time I like to look back and see which games I wanted to play, but really never got to. This is because I’m usually always late to the party and am willing to wait out big blockbuster releases until they drop in price or GOTY editions are released so I don’t have to scrounge around for miscellaneous add-ons and such. Plus, I mostly play RPGs, meaning that I could potentially play a single game for a very long time (i.e., Fallout: New Vegas).

In short, 2010 was quite a year for videogames. Lots of AAA titles, lots of indie tryouts, lots of RPGs for handheld devices. I didn’t play many of them. Trust me, I wanted to. Oh so many of them. But there’s only so many hours in a day, as well as so many dollar bills in a bank account. Thankfully, I do have some Christmas money for GameStop, but I think I’m gonna actually save it for Radiant Historia, which comes out in February 2011 and looks to be right up my alley. Yay, another RPG to sink my teeth into!

And so, without any further fluffing, here’s the 10 games I didn’t get to play in 2010:

10. Shantae: Risky’s Revenge

Classic platformer gameplay and some of the most gorgeous looking animation work for a videogame–supposedly that’s what Shantae: Risky’s Revenge is. It initially didn’t jump out as me as something I’d like for my Nintendo DS collection, but I’ve seen its name constantly referenced over the last few months, in a good way, and now I’m pretty put off that I didn’t seek it out sooner. If anything, the Super Metroid-like map in the bottom right corner is appetizing.

9. Final Fantasy XIII

Now here’s something ironical. Final Fantasy XIII was one of my most anticipated games for 2010, and then it came out and I completely paid no attention to its existence for awhile. When I did start to read up on it, the news wasn’t good. It seems like the game didn’t start to get “good” until about 17 hours in, and that it was linear, town-less, and uninventive. A shame really, as I always used to want to play the next Final Fantasy game no matter what; going forward, I’m gonna have to be more cautious with the series.

8. Red Dead Redemption

I love the freedom and span of Grand Theft Auto IV. That said, I absolutely hate the story, its characters, and the frustrating-as-all-gets mission structure. A switch to the Wild West had me from the get-go, and it seems like a lot of cowboys and cowgirls really enjoyed riding horses and shootin’ vermin. Oh well. Maybe in 2011.

7. Heavy Rain

Sure, I’m not thrilled about a game that is brimming with mundane actions, but I love the suspense around the edges and the weight of one’s decisions and how they factor into the murder mystery slowly unfolding. Granted, a stupid message board poster already spoiled the game for me, but I’d still love to play it and see for myself if everything clicks.

6. The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest

Shut up. I love anything LOTR-related.

5. Fable III

Fable III, like Final Fantasy XIII, was also a game I was eagerly anticipating for this year. Alas, it was released right around the same time as Fallout: New Vegas, and between those two, I’d rather shoot ghouls in the face than fart on citizens. And so the kingdom of Albion will have to wait.

4. Costume Quest

A bite-size RPG? And I didn’t gobble it up? For shame! Granted, this was released around the time I had just gotten married and gone on my honeymoon. It’s about kids on Halloween dressing up and turning into their actual costumes when it comes time to do battle. A fun, quirky idea, and it’s also been getting some DLC love as of late, which is good for the longterm.

3. Alan Wake

It’s been awhile since I’ve played a scary game, and so Alan Wake would be right up that alley. It’s also about writing. Well, a writer writing. A writer writing about a writer also writing about a writer. I think. I don’t know. This is just stuff I’ve heard. But I heard it’s pretty good. Reminds me a bit of Stephen King’s Bag of Bones, but only loosely.

2. Donkey Kong Country Returns

2010 was heavy on nostalgia, giving us games like the retro Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: The Game, as well as updated versions of Kirby and Donkey Kong Country. As an SNES kid, I was a Donkey Kong Country junkie. I played the levels again and again, learning all their secrets, trying hard to get that elusive 100% (or was it like 103%?). And so this new version looks to be much of the same, if a bit more difficult. Would be a perfect game for Tara and I to tackle together.

1. Mass Effect 2

This being #1 on the list will either make Greg Noe very happy or very angry. He loves his massive effects. Anyways, I did play through Mass Effect once, enjoying its story and world. The sequel came out and was instantly loved by fans. It seems as BioWare knocked it out of the park galaxy. The only thing that concerns me is that the RPG elements were turned way down for simplifying purposes. I did play Mass Effect 2‘s demo and had a good time, but now I think I’m just waiting for a Game of the Year edition to drop before Mass Effect 3 surfaces since there’s like 196 pieces of DLC floating around, and I’d hate to miss anything cool or stellar.

Okay, that’s it for the list. Here’s to 2011 and the games I won’t play then as well!

149 responses to “The Top 10 Games I Didn’t Get to Play in 2010

  1. Angry and pleased, but you make a GREAT point about the DLC, there is a ton of it (though the three major ones were all on sale earlier this week for 200 MS points each) and a Game of the Year edition or whatever seems like it has to be coming, especially with this super pack the PS3 is getting.

    Also, I don’t see Super Mario Galaxy 2 which I assume you didn’t play this year?

    • Nope to Super Mario Galaxy 2! In fact, I’ve never even played the first game. Tara got a Wii in Christmas 2009, but we’ve only got to enjoy it together since we moved in with one another. It’s most likely a purchase for 2011, as Epic Mickey isn’t blowing my mouse ears back at the moment.

  2. Nice idea for a list. This is the bad part of being a gamer, there is too much stuff to play. I still have to get to Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Dead Rising 2, The Sly Collection, the PoP collection…. I could go on. The one thing I would say (and I might be biased) but move Red Dead way up the list. At least to number 2. It’s that good.

  3. #1 game i didnt get to play was tecmo super bowl on the sega i bought on ebay…b/c even the game genie couldnt make it work.

  4. Cute pug!! (I have to admit I didn’t read the article, I was pulled in by the pug)

  5. This is a great list and many of them on here (Final Fantasy XIII and Alan Wake, Fable 3) I didn’t get to play either. I did, however, get to play Red Dead Redemption just at the end of the year when I borrowed it from a friend. I delivers on all the promise. The story line is great, it has the open world like GTA but the character isn’t a jerk so you like to play him. That was my problem with GTA as well…I detested the character and wouldn’t play the game. Also, received Donkey Kong Country Returns for Christmas and it’s awesome. A total throwback to the SNES games.

  6. I totally agree with you on Final Fantasy. I played for it for about 5 hours, then traded it back. Couldn’t get into it. Not gonna play for 20 hours just to start getting to the good stuff.

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  8. Super Mario Galaxy 2 was one of the best games this year.
    I only wish that big games wouldn’t come out every single month. I remember how it took months in between games. I bought 10 games during the After Thanksgiving Sale but haven’t had a chance to play them. Somehow PacMan Championship has taken all my attention and it cost me no more than $ 10.
    I did get to finishe Mario Galaxy 2 and I’m working on Wolverine Origins, lol a few years behind, I know. From your list I have FF13 and Donkey Kong still waiting to be unwrapped and I’ll be downloading Costume Quest once the price is lowered to $ 10.
    But I doubt I’ll get to finish any more games before Little Big Planet 2 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 come out next month

  9. Great post. There were several games I haven’t gotten around to. I am using my winter break to do just that – One of my main goals is to 1000 the Assassin’s Creed series.

    Which womp womp I have to get some DLC for them.

  10. Love the puggie!

  11. I wanted to play Fable III so bad and I never got the chance! To be honest, I never even played the second one, but I was addicted to the original. I’ll have to get on that.
    P.S. Congrats on being FP! 🙂

  12. Great post … There are a few games that i like to play : Batman Arkum Ashylum, God of war 3, Splinter Cell : Conviction and Heavy Rain . Hope i get time to play them all in 20!!

  13. Hey, thanks for the post. Some of those games look pretty fun. However, I am sorry that you didn’t get to play them. Especially Alan Wake. I played a lot of Alan and it was actually pretty fun. However, you are right, it does kind of take on a Stephen King look. I’ve never read Bag of Bones but I’ve read some others and it has that Stephen King feel. Hope you get to play it!


    • I think I’m most intrigued about the unique combat system in the game, using light sources as a weapon. Hopefully it’ll drop in price over the next few months!

  14. It seems like life is getting crazier and busier. My husband and I did get to play a few of these … but we still have a list like that.

  15. i never got to play red dead redemption either… -_- grand theft auto is fun with the freedom

  16. I played zero video games this year, and I’m happy about that. I may have played Wii Tennis with my son, does that count?

  17. That dog is so ridiculously cute.

  18. I’d have to say pass on the FF and Fable III. Meh to both. FF was the biggest disappointment of 2010 for gaming for me.

    hey! you’re not an AC Brotherhood fan?

  19. ●ℓσя∂★נαcк●

    I feel sorry for you, Fable III is the best game I’ve ever played. The world is huge, the characters are epic, the storyline is awesome, the graphics are top notch and there is so much to do. You’re missing out, I’d advise you to get your hands on it ASAP.

  20. I only got to play a smidge of Red Dead, the first three hours of FF13 and about ten hours of Mass Effect. Not enough! I was going to play a bit over the holidays but completely missed out. Still i’m enjoying a bit of NFS Hot Pursuit and enjoying it. Happy new year, may you catch up on all your gaming

  21. Good Post… I have not played one game this year!

  22. Red Dead Redemption is fantastic! A def buy for 2011. If you get it, try to get the dlc Undead Nightmare. It’s worth the buy too(Or you could get Undead Nightmare by itself)

  23. I got pulled in by that cute pug too. Interesting post. I’m not much of a gamer although I would be if I’d been born several decades later. (Young baby-boomer.) Of the games you mentioned, Heavy Rain looks the most interesting to me. My speed is more like the virtual pet site, FooPets, of which I have an embarrassingly large amount of. And I enjoy watching the gaming talk on The Big Bang Theory. When I watched a few Hulu shows, I liked the ads for the new Call of Duty, black opps game, which surprised me. I felt like shooting and blowing up things and then laughing about it. I hope you get to play all the games you want to in 2011!

  24. Glad I’m not the only one who missed out on a ton of games this year! Good luck catching up next year and the year after that too!

  25. In my opinion, Red Dead Redemption was one of the best games I ever played. The voice cast was superb. The action and story line was well thought through. The DLCs are mostly multiplayer and didn’t really affect the main story line.
    Nice post mate.

  26. I’ll have to check out Heavy Rain – my main genre used to be rpgs and survival horrors (or any game that has a bizarre horror tinted style). But rpgs have turned into these weird action games that I’m not sure I like and the same with survival horrors – the last Silent Hill I played (shattered memories) was a severe disappointment to me and the same with Resident Evil 5. I’ve been finding myself sticking with MMOrpgs as at least I know what I’m getting and get my money’s worth. Nice to see a gaming post on here though! Added to my subs 🙂

    • Heavy Rain is AWESOME. It’s slow gameplay at first but somehow it kind of grips you by the hair and HAULS you into it. I found it utterly compelling by the end, and I’ve played it through twice now with totally different endings, and am on the third try just to see what happens, and there’ve been some SHOCK surprises the third go round. It just keeps on giving. And it’s soooo atmospheric. The music contributes to that, also they’ve got this thing with camera POV so in tense moments something that should be easy enough becomes really difficult because your heart is beating so fast because of the music and the CHARACTER’s hands are shaking and holy hell. Anyway, I highly recommend. 🙂

  27. I was looking forward to Red Dead Redemption and Donkey Kong, but didn’t get around to them either. Lame. Do you use steam at all? Their holiday sale has be buying games that I don’t really need (such as Mass Effect 2). Anyway, I enjoyed your post. 🙂

  28. i wanna play with the dog >.<

  29. Of all of these, I would most definitely recommend Shantae. Your interest in the map is amusing to me, because that useless excuse for a map is one of the only bad things about the game.

    But more importantly, have you played Cave Story yet?

  30. That pug is wearing a sweater… too cute.
    Anyways, I think that I’ll have to make my New Years resolution to catch up on all these great games. This year has been so good on the industry and there’s not enough time to play all of these games!

  31. I want to Try play Prince Of Persia: Forgotten sands this 2011,,
    I’ve already finish the sands of time, two thrones and warrior within,
    I love playing POP,, its Good and yet hard to finish..

  32. thekarmamortgage

    Is this to imply you did play Call of Duty Black Ops? If so, how was it? What about the Kinect or any of the games for it? Or did you get to play those too?

  33. Great list. I’ve never heard of Shantae, but I’ll check it out. Go play ME2, already!!!

  34. You shouldn’t have missed Heavy Rain, it’s quite a journey to play it, sometimes you get relaxed but others you’re as tense as your character. You should play it this 2011, i play a lot of RPGs too, including FF and Fallout so you may find Heavy Rain interesting.

  35. Definitely missing out on Mass Effect 2, but you’re right about the DLC (although you can get by without most of it, so long as you get Lair of the Shadow Broker).
    As for other games, any thoughts on Bayonetta or Super Meat Boy? You can sink a good few hours into both of them.

  36. Never played a Final Fantasy game in my life… I like the movie for FFVII tho… 🙂

  37. Fable 3 was incredible! But (ironically) I beat it in 3 days so it really isn’t worth the cash. I wanted to play Alan Wake so bad! It is so intriguing! I watched a few of the episodes from the intro web series of the game on xbox live and it was so creepy/intense!

  38. nice post man! make sure you play them this year!

  39. I watched a livecast of someone playing Mass Effects 1 & 2, and they’re going to be one of the first games I get for 2011. I am really looking for games that hold up over time instead of a first-person shooter each month.

  40. There were several new releases I wasn’t able to get to this year including Donkey Kong Returns, Costume Quest, Ivy the Kiwi and a few others. There’s a lot of great releases, but life doesn’t always allow for the play time. Hopefully 2011 with allow for more gaming time!

  41. Missed ALL of those!
    Have an awesome New Year, and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!!

  42. Nice. Thanks for telling me about Aragorn’s Quest! 🙂 Mustn’t miss anything LOTR, eh?
    P.S.: PUG. :3

  43. Awww…that dog is so cute and sad 😀
    Sorry ’bout that I don’t comment about the games. 😀
    I haven’t played those games either, so I can’t say my opinion.

  44. i played Donkey Kong Country, Red Dead Redemption Alan Wake and Donkey Kong Country.

  45. Nateal Erickson

    I didn’t get around to playing Mass Effect 2 myself. Quite the disappointment. And with ME3 on the way, I’ve got a LOT of catching up to do.

    Let’s make 2011 the year where we *don’t* end up with a big backlog on New Years Eve and a stomach full of regret. ^_^

  46. i like these games

    i played Heavy Rain
    it’s great game u have to buy it !!!

  47. I’m not a gamer, but if it turns you on have at it! Good luck in 2011 & may all your Game Dreams come true!!

  48. Aww well you know you may not have had the chance to play some of those gems, but as they say a gem is a gem and which can be enjoyed whenever you play them – even 25 years down the line (though not many on that above list would even qualify).

    Best out of those for me was Heavy Rain, followed closely by Red Dead.
    FFXIII was a total let down for me and I haven’t played Fable III yet (though my niece insists it’s a good game).

  49. Alan Wake is a must to play!!!

  50. Hi, I too have to admit I was pulled in by your pic. I’m not a gamer, tho. What I can say is fantastic use of images in your blog! And congratulations on Freshly Pressed. Hope 2011 is blessed and happy and healthy for you.

  51. To be honest, the new LOTR didn’t look so awesome anyway. I do plan on playing Donkey Kong Country Returns; just not for awhile.

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  53. I actually feel kinda bad for you that you’ve missed out on Red Dead Redemption. It’s a really good game and also has a very nice appeal if you just want to ride around and watch a sunrise/ sunset, then go on a mass killing spree, etc 😀

    Final Fantasy XIII is okay. I have it and started playing it, but then got caught up in Resident Evil 5 and Super Street Fighter 4. I must say FFXIII is a game you can live without.

  54. i too havent played red dead redemption but i keep hearing great things. mass effect 2 is something i did not play but also heard good things. maybe in 2011 ill try out a demo

  55. ooooooo Love the puggie 😀

  56. I really love the dog face. Ordinarily i hate (okay, too strong of a word) dislike, those dogs.
    Congrats. Since you’re freshpressed, you truly got your game on.

  57. I missed out on Alan Wake and Costume Quest as well. But, yeah, man. You should at least get yourself Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption. I wouldn’t worry much about FFXIII though.

  58. It’s been a long time that I didn’t play any computer game. How I miss it. I just play simple computer game, though, what gamehouse provided. Challenging. But recently I don’t play games. I write blog more often for a change. It’s challenging too, to keep updating my blogs (yes, blogS. I have several blogs to manage.) Ha!!!

  59. I like your writing, always successful

  60. I still have to give Red Dead Redemption a go as well. Although I had no problems with GTAIV!

  61. You definitely have to get your hands on Mass Effect 2. I have played it through 4-5 times, and have actually gone back to ME1 just to change everything that my Shepards have done. Definitely one of my favorite games of the year!

  62. sooo many games so little time, i wanna play fantasy, i haven’t played it since 2001

  63. hey i love the first pic with the ‘sigh’ on it…. totally explains how you feel… 😛

  64. I’m playing Donkey kong country returns, is amazing.
    Good experience.
    Good blog

  65. Great list, reminds me I need to do my own version which is equally long and will no doubt contain some of the same games! You should try to make time for RDR and Heavy Rain – both unique experiences, I put a huge amount of my gaming time into RDR especially this year, to the exclusion of many other things I wanted to play – Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Vanquish, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, GT5, the list goes on. In 2011 I look forward to not having time to play Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Mass Effect 2 on PS3, and LA Noire!

  66. I would like to have that dog, so cute and innocent 🙂

  67. Totally hear ya there. That list keeps growing for me. I’m sure it will be the exact same way this year. 😦

  68. I highly recommend Red Dead Redemption. Got it a few days ago for £15 and its such a bargain. Highly addictive and one of those games that takes up months of your life. Translating from GTA into the wild west completely rejuvinates it, and the side missions are highly playable. Plus, it has poker.

  69. Try Amnesia: The Dark Descent, that is, if you are into crapping in your pants. 😉
    Same goes for the Penumbra series.

    Happy New Year!

    Check out my blog:

  70. I loved Alan Wake primarily because of the unique battle sequences (even though the same concept applies no matter what you’re fighting), it was always fun and exciting. The story’s pretty interesting too; certainly not your same old same old garden variety video game. I ended up playing Alan Wake after a friend gave it to me for xmas, and I actually interrupted my odyssey in Fallout: New Vegas in order to play it. This is doubly impressive because I LOVE New Vegas as much as I loved Fallout 3.

    I’d put Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood on that list too. I have that one waiting for me at home (thanks to Amazon and a $50 gift card my boss gave me…our end of the year bonus I guess?), but it’s technically 2011 so that still counts! 🙂

  71. Le Sigh Le Pug dog

  72. i love fallout new vegas, but the problem is that i cant get some mods working (eg ak-47)
    but i dont know why u dont like rdr. the story is not so good, but we have multiplayer, zombies, lost of xpansion packs…and a huge map of us and mexico!!
    anyway, ppl that like rpgs usually dont like sandbox games. dont know why ^^

  73. dein blog ist so gut.

  74. Currently I am addicted to Red Dead Redemption, because you don’t have to follow the story line in order to play. I love the stranger quests and just trying to meet this or that challenge. I’m still trying to find two cougars to kill with my melee (Bowie) knife. The online game play is decent, but I’ve not found many players on the “Friendly Roam” side of things. The scuttlebut is that there’s a sequel in the works.

  75. Hahahaha CUTE puppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  76. I agree, this is a Great list. I’ve never heard of Shantae either, but it seems very interesting. Ive play them all, but red Dead is my favorite by far.. Go play it now, you won’t regret it!!!

    Mark D
    Super Mario Games

  77. It was great news!
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be released on 11th June in Europe.

    But Mario Galaxy just seems like such a Christmassy game! 🙂 I can’t imagine playing it in June :/

  78. It was great news!
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be released on 11th June in Europe.
    But Mario Galaxy just seems like such a Christmassy game! 🙂 I can’t imagine playing it in June :/

  79. Holy crap.

    Red Dead Redemption – absolutely worth it. Although you need a lot of time to devote to it because there is SO much to do. Be sure not to miss out on the multiplayer aspect – from the actual missions to hunting bears in the woods to playing chicken on horses over a bridge with your friends… it’s such an awesome game.

    Heavy Rain – a must play. You will finish it in no time and then you will want to go back and replay it and make as many different choices as you can. Beware – characters can die very easily. No one in the game you play is invincible. I became so attached to the characters in that game.

    Fable III – not as good as Fable II, so far. I haven’t beaten it yet. But I’m just not as into it as the first two. Disappointingly.

    And that’s the two cents of a gamer girl.

    • P.S. Even if you know who the bad guy is in Heavy Rain because of spoilers, your game will have an entirely different ending than the one that was spoiled for you. That’s why it’s such a great game – every action you make changes the story.

  80. Great list, Paul! You HAVE to play Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2 (finished those games to a satisfying end). Like you, I am curious about Alan Wake. I think I’ll pick it up sometime in the next couple of months. I SO agree with you: I too wait for games to drop in price MONTHS after their initial release. By the time I pick one up, its sequel is hitting the shelves for 60+ bucks. I can wait. For now, I’m having some great Assassin’s Creed 2 fun.

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  82. Final Fantasy and LOTRO are two of my favorite MMORPGs.

    Best MMORPG List

  83. Among those Final Fantasy and LOTRO are my favorite MMORPGs.

  84. I don’t know that Donkey Kong Country Returns is a great idea to play with the new wife… I’ve seen the game in co-op mode, if you’re not a patient couple you’ll end up divorced after 3 hours of screaming at each other for not ducking and jumping together at the right times in the Mine Carts. That game is definitely designed to ruin friendships and relationships 🙂

  85. This comment might make me really unpopular, but that’s never stopped before. I liked final fantasy 13. I’m not a die hard final fantasy fan, but I have played some of them before (never to completion). I just think it’s a great story, has heart and you get your moneys worth, it’s not one of those games that you finish in a day or two and just think wow I really paid €50 for this.

    • I played FF1-13 and most of the spinoffs, so I’d say I’m a bit die hard but I liked FF13 too. Now it may be one of the weaker FFs, but I personally still think it’s worth having.


  86. You have a nasty lil backlog it seems. ME2 is amazing(playing it now). Also New Vegas and RDR are amazing as well. Just these 3 will entail for you for another year.

  87. I really wanted to play the new WoW expansion… but time/money got in the way 😦

    Aragorn has his own game?? Sign me up!

  88. I wish I had more times for games, my kids make me look like a newb these days. Many of those are good titles, but none are on my list. Guess I am a first person shooter kind of guy, that and flight sims. Not sure what category Darksiders falls under but it was probably my favorite game of 2010.

    Good post.


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  90. You haven’t played mass effect 2? GET OUT! No seriously. Out. To the store. and get it. Sweet jesus.
    I just played through Fable III. It’s suprisingly short, and I milked it for the sidequests as I’m an achievement-whore.

  91. Ooh, certainly going to get ME and then ME2 as well then! I’ve been thinking about it to expand my collection of digitally distributed games (ew, disks and serials – always getting missing, those naughty things!) and I wasn’t quite sure if I should (glossed the magazine reviews at the time, especially after the overhyped scandals).

    I’d love to sink my teeth into FF XIII too, another RPG that I never managed to pick up. I’ve heard that Square-Enix’s games were of reputable quality too, but never quite got there.

    I’m also very dissapointed in myself – I’ll be sure to swing by the shop (cough, massive profit margin, cough) some time, and finally play some nice RPGs!

  92. To me all aspects of FFXIII were created to make the game visually appealing. The battle system was changed to make it LOOK GOOD but that’s about it. I admit the story was pretty crap compared to previous FFs, but it’s still alright. I enjoyed it. It’s not as free roaming as other FFs until the last few chapters. But the linear-ness is about the same as Kingdom Heart 2’s linear-ness. So I don’t see how it’s such a big deal. FFXIII was extremely easy, and if you like playing FFs I don’t think you’d be too disappointed. It is one of the weaker FFs, but I don’t think it’s that bad of a game.

    I was able to play Red Dead Redemption. That is a really great game, and very open sandbox style, which honestly, I’m not too into. I don’t like playing errand-boy, but I still enjoyed the game a lot.

    I feel your pain. A lot of games came out in 2010 that I wanted to play, but being a poor college student I was unable to… like Alan Wake and Heavy Rain….

  93. You MUST play Red Dead Redemption. It is some of the best sandbox game fun you’ll have on the current generation of consoles. That said, I must ask if you have played one of my top games of the year, Assassins Creed Brotherhood? This game is amazing to look at and the world is so much fun to play and run around in. If you enjoy RPGs, you should pick it up.

  94. I played Donkey Kong And Heavy Rain. I liked them both. I hope you played Black Ops at least.

  95. Unfortunatly your list also applies to me! 😦

    I have to get Donkey Kong at least for the old times!

  96. Nice post! 🙂

  97. I’m glad you mentioned scott pilgrim vs the world: the game (though not as a part of your list). Honestly one of the best side scrollers I’ve played in a long time.

  98. Mykee's Choice Cuts

    I didn’t get to play alot of games last year as well. But one that I had the fortune of playing was Heavy Rain. The whole decisions-affecting-storyline aspect really makes the game. And though the control scheme could have been tweaked better for moving the characters, it’s still a pretty solid and innovative game.

  99. I really recommend mass effect 2! Can’t wait for the third prequel! And oh, I really didn’t know fable 3 was released in 2010! (Damn! I just have to buy one this year.)

    Anyway, I was — still, shocked — that dragon age origins awakening isn’t in your list! It’s the quite good!

    • I devoured Dragon Age: Origins early on in the year, but never felt the desire to play more in the series so Awakening came and went without much notice.

  100. Here are the Top 10 Games I missed:

    1. Anything except for Tetris.

    I have to plug: “The Stupid Things People Say” –

  101. I feel your pain man, too many titles in there I couldn’t get my hands on either. Mass Effect 2 though, dude you NEED it!

  102. shame you didn’t play some great games this year, especially heavy rain and RDR. But I’m the same way, I always wait until games get really cheap and them buy a bunch all at once. I will say though don’t give up on FFXIII, I played it and really enjoyed it, it’s not as bad as people say it just didn’t live up to the ridiculous amount of hype.

  103. Red Dead Redemptions mission structure and difficulty levels are fine.
    GTA was frustrating sometimes, RDR not!

  104. Heavy Rain was a great game, didn’t get to play RDR either though..

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  106. excellent list! quick sidenote: if you dig LotR stuff, you should check out Lord of the Rings Online. Dunno if you have a decent PC setup but it’s free to play now, and i usually try and pass on the word to my fellow Tolkien fans. 🙂

    keep up the good work!

  107. Mass Effect 2 was an aweeesomme game. I really enjoyed it. I am also an avid RPG gamer, so this list was nice to see…some games I might not have thought of playing being on it. I really would like to play the Donkey Kong Returns game….brings back old memories!

  108. Hey man! Sorry you didn’t get a chance to get to all these games! Donkey Kong Country Returns seems particularly cool! I am also passionate about that misunderstood hero!

    I once heard that Donkey Kong was meant ot be called “Monkey Kong” (which I guess makes a lot more sense), but a Japanese/English error led to the “D” being inserted into his name instead of the “M”.

    Know if theree’s any truth to that?

  109. Hey man! Sorry you didn’t get a chance to get to all these games! Donkey Kong Country Returns seems particularly cool! I am also passionate about that misunderstood hero!

    I once heard that Donkey Kong was meant ot be called “Monkey Kong” (which I guess makes a lot more sense), but a Japanese/English error led to the “D” being inserted into his name instead of the “M”.

    Know if there’s any truth to that?

  110. Red Dead was the Shiatsu!

  111. This post made me miss video games.

    What have I been doing with my life…? What a pity…

  112. O Jesus, son of Mary! Is thy Lord able to send down for us a table spread with food from heaven?

  113. Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, hmm, I have not heard of this game but now I am awfully curious…

    Final Fantasy XIII is great. Yes it is linear, yes it desperately needs towns, however, it still has that indescribable Final Fantasy feel to it. A must play for any Final Fantasy fan.

    Red Dead Redemption is on my “Curious about playing this, but it is Rockstar..hmmm..” list! The only thing on that list in fact.

    Heavy Rain is GREAT! You do not know what to expect until you actually play it for yourself. I thought it would be dull and boring. I was wrong. Give it a try, I guarantee you will be hooked!

    I am just going to skip any comment on Aragorn’s Quest! 😀

    Fable III, I recently got my hands on it! w00t! I have yet to play it though. Perhaps it is because I am only about 1/4th done with the first Fable and about halfway through the second. I get so excited about the Fable games but then I lose interest so fast. Is it that there is just too much to do or because I hype them up so much to myself that they can never live up to my expectations? Probably a mixture of both. :/

    I have had my eye on Costume Quest for a while now! One day I will friggen’ buy it. I honestly do not know why I haven’t.

    I just bought Alan Wake last week! When I bought it the cashier at Game Stop said I would probably regret the purchase. What does she know? Looking forward to trying it out for myself!

    Donkey Kong Country Returns! YES! The only other reason to own a Wii besides Monster Hunter Tri!

    I shared your concerns about Mass Effect 2 and it’s lack of RPG elements. I won’t lie, the game does feel like it is missing something, however, it is an AMAZING game and should be played by every gamer, RPG fans, FPS fans, …Warhammer players, EVERYONE!

    Great blog and great list of games! Now stop reading comments and go get to gaming! THIS is why you have that backlog. GO!

  114. haha…I like the dog in your cute.
    But my classmates like play World of Warcraft.

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  116. I have never heard of some of these games. Most likely, because I do not own a hand held gaming system. I love RPG games too and like you I could not afford most. Red Dead looked a lot better once the Undead Nightmare pack came out. I love me some zombies. I’m subscribing btw 😉

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  118. Hey, you have a great blog here! I’m definitely going to bookmark you! I have a http://www.

  119. More Wii bundle programs are being put together at great prices than ever before. Glad to see prices coming down on Wii programs.

  120. Have the same problem myself. The real world always seems to get in the way

  121. You didnt miss much with Fable 3 – traded in after a week and went straight back to New Vegas begging for forgiveness.
    Red Dead is a must – the multiplayer is worth the money alone and the Undead Nightmare pack is looking good (but I have abandoned it in favour of Dean Money but will return)
    I also intended to play Alan Wake and Mass Effect but ended up spending the money on other things.

  122. mass efect is the best shotting game in ever play the post is nice good review

  123. why would you talk about games you didn’t get to play? ):

  124. Loved this post! You and I share similar pain…too many great(!) games, not enough time. I too am slow on Red Dead, Mass Effect, and Fallout Vegas. You gave me the idea to come up with a list of underrated games on my blog, if you’re interested. Side Note: I actually had read your post weeks ago, and have now finally stumbled upon it again after searching for a while, just so I can leave you some due praise!! 🙂

  125. ทัวร์จีน ทัวร์สิงคโปร์ ทัวร์ฮ่องกง ดิสนีย์แลนด์

    You didnt miss much with Fable 3 – traded in after a week and went straight back to New Vegas begging for forgiveness.

  126. Great guiden for game lover…thanks

  127. Have you ever considered about including a little bit more than just your articles? I mean, what you say is fundamental and everything. Nevertheless just imagine if you added some great photos or video clips to give your posts more, “pop”! Your content is excellent but with images and clips, this site could definitely be one of the best in its niche. Good blog!

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  130. I love donkey kong baby! OLD SCHOOL.

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