Moving, the game of heavy boxes and staircases

No, this post is not about the PlayStation Move, but it is about moving. Cause that’s the reason I didn’t play any videogames yesterday. That’s right. Not a single one. Didn’t even end up busting out the Nintendo DS before the Sandman came to take me away. Oh wait…I did play the game of not having a heart attack after repeatedly climbing two sets of stairs with heavy boxes as Tara and I moved into our first apartment. I totally beat that game. Cause…I’m typing this post, see?

Anyways, we only brought over miscellaneous stuff at the moment. It’s going to be a piece-by-piece sort of move, as I still have my own studio and she’s still living at home with her folks until we get married. Which, amazingly, is happening one month from today. One…month. ONE MONTH. Trying not to freak out here. Deep breaths.

Want to see some more shots of our new, mostly empty pad? Check out Tara’s Flickr account then.

I’ll get back to videogame-related blathering soon, I promise. Visiting my folks for the weekend, which means packing up the Xbox 360. Tara hasn’t gotten to play Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game yet, and I now need help beating The Clash at Demonhead level. I’m even gonna be nice and let her play as Kim, as Scott’s move list has actually grown on me. I had to grind with him for a bit just to get past Lucas Lee on “Average Joe” difficulty. Tis a hard game. But if I can beat the no heart attack game, I can conquer this one for sure.

2 responses to “Moving, the game of heavy boxes and staircases

  1. Um, you’re going to hate me when you read this but your apartment looks tiny. And you guys look cute. See!? I’ll try to avoid the c-word from now on.

    What is up with that shower? Is it for midgets…er…little people? Is there a hidden seat you can use so you feel old…er…mature?

    Not that our first apartment wasn’t any better. After all, it was a hotel room. They just added a kitchen counter and kitchen sink and called it an apartment. Ha!

    PS – Sorry Paul, but I couldn’t help but notice Tara’s chest. She had Luke on there! Awesome!

    • It IS tiny. It’s third floor attic of a house, but it’s very cheap. We’ll spruce it up with comis and love and shtuff. Though the shower sucks because the wall angles into it/my head. And it’s okay. Tara’s got a nice chest.

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