Collecting side quests in Dragon Quest IX is all the rage

Unfortunately, I got very busy and had to put Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skiesdown for a bit. To progress forward, I had to grind a bunch for money and experience and alchemy ingredients for better gear, and that sort of grinding did not sit well with my schedule. However, if there is one thing I have kept up with week after week of getting the game, it’s been downloading weekly DLC quests…quests I have not yet–and might not ever–played.

DLC quests #121 through #135, as of today, to be specific. Fourteen! FOURTEEN.

See, in Stornway, in that main inn with that name I just can’t recall, you’ll meet Sellma. She runs the DQVC, a daily online shop that hosts rare ingredients and equipment. It changes every single day so it’s worth visiting. Then, every Friday, DLC side quests are available. These get dropped into your quest log, but every single one so far is for post-game content only. I have about 15+ quests just sitting there, mocking me. Yet…I have to download them. I like having and knowing that I have this content ready for experiencing. That’d be some major gaming OCD for yah. I mean, I also went to that meetup to get that cool, rare grotto treasure map, and I haven’t even tried tackling it yet. Might not ever. I just like having it, in case, one day, a bolt of lightning strikes me, and I want to go grotto-ing about for loot and big bosses.

Anyways, over the weekend, I found a pocket of time during a dog-sitting day to immerse myself back into DQIX. And boy did I! I grinded, I completed some main quests, I beat a very catty boss, and I found myself thinking about all the recipes I want to complete and just how hard some will be to obtain all the specific ingredients. Man, this game just gives you so much to do, and I love it for that. Then I think I found myself fighting the “end boss” because I beat it once, and then it took a second form, which is very much an end boss thing to do. That second boss form wiped the floor with me as I had used up all of my resources during the first battle. Will have to grind some more and strengthen up, but I do plan to attack back soon as the list of untouched DLC quests is just getting too big for my brain to handle. FOURTEEN AND COUNTING!

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