This be a Munchkinly post if there ever was one

I’ve played–and still play–a lot of card games. Magic: The Gathering, Lord of the Rings CCG, Magi-Nation, Star Wars CCG, and others. I have boxes and boxes of cards that I’m going to have to move real soon. Woo? Er, woo. Through and through, my absolute favorite is Munchkin, a card game that started out as just a parody of Dungeons & Dragons, but eventually became its own unique experience thanks to themed sets and multiple expansions. Of these sets, I’ve collected a good number. Still missing Munchkin-Fu, the Western one, Munchkin Impossible, and the newest trend of booster expansion packs (Munchkin Fairy Dust and Munchkin Waiting for Santa), but it’s mostly because no local shop seems to carry these booster packs. Insert baby crying sound here.

The last new core set for the game was Munchkin Booty, a pirate-themed adventure that is pretty much the favorite of my gaming group. It’s an easy one to learn, a lot of fun with the ye and arr a-plenty, and you gotta love sharks. However, it’s now been way too long since a new core set has come out so when news broke over the weekend about Munchkin Zombies…well, I got a little excited. Personally, I think Munchkin Braaaains would’ve made for a better, more inspired title, but that’s just me. And then snooped around the Steve Jackson Games website and was surprised to discover a bunch of new Munchkin products forthcoming. I wish they promoted these better as I had not heard anything about them at all until now. All are of the booster expansion pack style, which bums me out, but hey…more Munchkin never hurt nobody!

First up, we have another Christmas-themed pack to go along with Munchkin Waiting for Santa and the original core set. It’s called Munchkin Santa’s Revenge and here’s three cards to get you bouncing around like a kid on Christmas morning:

Hubba-hubba for the Christmas Wrapping!

Next we have a Space Ships pack for Star Munchkin, which is adding Ships, first made popular in Munchkin Booty:

Lastly, and this might be the expansion pack that gets me to order online, we have a new entry for Munchkin Booty called Fish and Ships:

Oh yes! I truly do love these expansion booster pack ideas. I only wish there was a shop to pick them up at; the local Borders and Barnes and Noble carry a good number of the core sets, but never any of the expansions. Oh well…there’s always Christmas!

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