Autosave feature, you do not complete me

I beat The Saboteur some weeks back, but it’s a game I keep on playing. There’s a lot of post-ending grinding to do (mostly for Achievements), and I know it’s not something one completes over the course of a single night. For example, one Achievement asks that Sean spend 75,000 contraband. That’s A LOT. By the game’s end, I had only spent around 45,000, and this Achievement now involves a lot of weapon/ammo buying, and dying to head back to the shop to rinse and repeat. So…slow is the name of the game, but that’s okay with me. I enjoy playing this game in short spurts, killing a couple of Nazi dots and continuing to explore this wonderfully open Paris.

However, I loaded up the game last night to discover that my last save was from early July 2010. Um, no. I had just played the game a few days before…which means all that hard work of blowing up Nazi towers and collecting postcards was all for naught. This also includes the roughly 5,000 contraband I worked on spending to get me closer to the 75,000 mark. And here’s why this happened: I relied on autosave, a function that worked well throughout the main story missions as it saved often and strongly, most often at different mission checkpoints. However, in the post-game world, where there’s no missions left to do, the autosave function does not compute as often as I’d like. I have to wonder if it even does anymore at all. Now there’s only manual saving, something I forgot to do last time. And after seeing all those white dots back on the world map, I will never forget again.

So yeah, I’m a little grumpy over this, and will now most likely take a break from The Saboteur. Just a few days, that’s all. It’s not been my proudest moment. And now I’m reminded of a beautiful little quote from our leading lad Sean Devlin, “Let’s see how proud you are with my f*cking boot up your arse!”

6 responses to “Autosave feature, you do not complete me

  1. Haha, I ran into this problem also. I just played the game and I’m reviewing it for Monday, I just can’t tell how I feel about it. The story was so great, the graphics were amazing, but there were too many problems with the controls and too many glitches.. what did you think of the game?

    • Oooh, I see you posted your review too! Will definitely check it out. I thought it was a surprisingly good and fun game that didn’t get enough attention. Some glitchy controls, but otherwise…not bad for the price tag ($20)!

  2. It is so discouraging when that happens. I always just have to turn off the game, walk away, and give it a few days.

    Hopefully it won’t happen to you again. 😛

    • Well now I’m gonna be super crazy obsessive with my saving! There’s too many white Nazi dots to complete to have to slog through it over and over again like an idiot without saving each time.

  3. I can fully relate with this type of oversight in the programming of a game. It has happened enough times that I always just save periodically as I go through the game, especially when turning it off for whatever reason. Though I think I may try out The Saboteur.

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