Can’t play General Knoxx DLC just yet

So, all three pieces of DLC for Borderlands are on sale this week for 50% off via Xbox Live. That’s pretty sweet, knocking the prices down from 800 Microsoft Points to a more reasonable 400 MP each. That’s $5.00 in human terms…or an after-work sandwich in my terms. Despite the good deals, I planned to only buy one game add-on. Now, The First Hour‘s review of The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned did little to entice me, as shooting hordes of zombies isn’t my bag of fun. The other DLC sounds like an arena of tiered enemies; again, not for me.

But the The Secret Armory of General Knoxx sounded like a step in the right direction. First thing, the level cap is raised by ELEVEN, all the way up to 61. It’s also a continuation of the main storyline, which, while underwhelming, is at least something to follow rather than a random drop in the hat like, “Oh, here come the zombies!” Add in new guns and class mods and vehicles (actually, boo to that one), and well, for five buckeroos, it sounds like the best, most varied DLC of the bunch.

After downloading, I checked to see if my co-op pal Greg Noe could play, but alas, not that evening. I decided to at least take a peek into this new area and see what was what. I was foolish to think I could do it alone. I played the fool. I am full of fool, full of fail. Yeah, see, I’m basically a low level 43 Soldier right now, playing on playthrough 2 and trying hard to climb the tall ladder of experience. I decided to continue on with him to experience General Knoxx…well, that didn’t work out too well. I could only complete the first quest, which was of the “go talk to this dude” style. The next quest has you finding some items nearby, but the very first set of enemies wiped the floor from me.

I guess I should’ve paid more attention to the quest. It says IMPOSSIBLE in blood-red font and then LV 51 next to it, eight levels away. ::whimper::

I’m not sure at what point it’s easier to venture into this realm on playthrough 1, but I don’t really have any other characters made that are very far along in the game. I created three more just to get to LV 5 and gnab some class-specific Achievements. So, my two options now to play this DLC that I bought are to either 1) wait for co-op and hopefully survive with Greg’s help or 2) enter on playthrough 1, but first level up my character decently.

Yeah, I’m a little annoyed at this, as time is of the importance, but I’ll figure it out somehow. Still, it was nice to hear new Scooter dialogue…if for a brief moment. GET YOU ONE.

4 responses to “Can’t play General Knoxx DLC just yet

  1. You sound a little like me. ^_^ I always convert game currency back into actual dollars.

    I uh, haven’t played Borderlands, so I can’t comment on that bit. Sorry!

  2. Hmmm… How many space bucks would it be? Now I’m all curious. ^_^

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