Save your game or be super lame, the DQIX motto

Hi, my name is Paul.


Uh, hi. Recently, I forgot to save my game when playing Dragon Quest IX. I lost roughly thirty to forty minutes of progress, a good portion of which was grinding, finding alchemy recipes on bookshelves, and a boss battle against the Ragin’ Contagion. Not the game’s trickiest boss fight, but a time-consuming one nonetheless.


Quiet, you. Anyways, I was planning on saving my game. I really was. Just had to get back to the church in Coffinwell. Other RPG games like Pokemon HeartGold and Fallout 3 really spoiled me with the whole “save anywhere, any time” thing, and if there was one aspect that really frustrated me with Dragon Quest VIII, it was its save system. You’d think Level 5 would have opted for a more user-friendly save system on the DS, a gaming device most often played on the go or in short bursts. Saving one’s progress is especially hard in the first ten hours of the game because the main character has not learned Zoom yet, a fast travel spell which is, thankfully, free of an MP cost.

But yeah, I was playing, totally prepared to save, and then my brother-in-law’s wife showed up with her babies and everyone was heading out to David’s Bridal to do some dress shopping. Well, not me. I was going next door to look at tuxedos and suits and get an idea of how I want to dress for my wedding. If only it was as easy as it is in Dragon Quest IX; you know, a wedding get-up would be like so:

If only.


Well, it should be! And I thought I told you to be quiet. Whoever you are. Whatever you are. I’m talking about saving videogame progress here. And, uh, buying wedding attire. Anyways, Ellen and the babies showed up, and help was needed so I flipped my DS closed and dropped it in my pocket. I figured I’d save in the car as we drove to Wayne. Anyways, when I flipped open my DS later on, I found myself staring at two dark screens, void of life and animation and sound. Yes, somehow, most likely when I dropped the DS into my pocket, the power button on the side got hit, and off my game went. Goodbye, progress. I just couldn’t believe it. I even exclaimed to Tara about how much I couldn’t believe this. I mean, I’m a gamer…we’re trained from an early age to save often. Saving is what we do. I just couldn’t believe it, that I’d let myself get so distracted to not save, especially after a boss battle. I mean…what is wrong with me?


Hey, that reminds me! Man oh man, remember in DQVIII, remember when you had that silly girl horse and wagon and had to wait while your alchemy recipes cooked as you battled slime and slime knights. Now, in DQIX…it’s instantaneous! That’s just so great. A smart change. As was dropping the MP cost of Zoom down to 0 (I believe it was 2 or 3 MP in the previous game). A shame you can’t carry the alchemy pot with you though as backtracking to Stornway is (and most certainly will be as the game goes on) a tad annoying.

So yeah, if only they had updated DQIX with the ability to save anywhere. Because traveling to a church, speaking to the priest, selecting to confess, punching A through the same ol’ rambling text, selecting YES when asked to record data in priestly book of saving, and then selecting whether of not to continue playing afterwards…it’s a bit overdone.


You’re right, ominous voice. And so it ends!

7 responses to “Save your game or be super lame, the DQIX motto

  1. there is a quick save option under misc. try that my brother!

    • I’m always wary of the “quick save” option as I don’t understand what it does, and if all it does is allow one to quickly save their game, then why isn’t *that* option the mainstay in the game?

  2. Yeah, I was also going to mention the quick save, which is definitely reasonably quicker than going to a church… BUT quick saves are only useful in the situation you described as they disappear once restored. Lame. DQ9 is really lacking on save areas, I just finished up the Wight Knight quest the other day and the whole romp from that Z town through the old village and then the boss fight was over an hour.

    • So basically you can only have one quick save at a time? Hmm…

      What skills are you focusing on? I’m all about the whips and thieving items from enemies.

      • Well, my other party members are only like level 12, I have a thief, priest, and martial artist. I’m not even sure how the thief learns Steal?

        • It’s under one of the thief’s skill trees, but it’s called “Half-Inch” which is an odd ability name. It helps a lot with getting alchemy materials.

  3. Half-Inch is cockney rhyming slang for “pinch” which here in England, is slang for steal so the name makes sense.

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