Daily Archives: July 16, 2010

Just the beginning of multiplayer fun perhaps

I don’t play a lot of online multiplayer games, and if I do, they usually end up being, uh, card games. Like UNO and Magic: The Gathering. Very different experiences when compared to shooters like Red Faction: Guerrilla and co-op Borderlands. I’m still learning how to properly listen and speak with strangers using a headset, as well as find a groove for playing strategically and effectively. Teamwork is a key aspect for online gaming.

That said, now for some irony. I played a match of Team Anarchy the other night in Red Faction: Guerrilla, and there were only enough gamers online to split us up into two teams, each with two members on them. Within seconds of starting the round, my partner dropped out, leaving me alone, one man versus two, on a map I never saw before, a n00b targeted and highlighted for certain defeat. Thanks, poopfacer54 (not actual gamertag)!

But I soldiered on (pun intended). I quickly learned that using the jetpack backpack to climb in the air and scout out the land was a good tactic, as was tossing as many sticky demolition grenades as I could. Also, rocket launchers. Usually I shy away from big gun artillery, but not here, no. Not when blowing up a building and having it crush your opponent inside is a good way of securing a kill. Before I knew it, I had taken the lead, and I found myself ready to win the match all by my lonesome with a minute to tick down. Scared that I would lose the lead, I used up the 60 seconds of the match by simply hiding in the corner of a not-yet-exploded building, not moving, not making a sound. Then it was over. I was victorious and awarded a trio of Achievements:

Doing Your Part (10G): Killed 10 enemies in a Matchmaking Match.

Just the Beginning (5G): Won a Matchmaking match.

Start of Something Special (5G): Played 5 Matchmaking matches.

Woo! Go me!

::tosses confetti::

Yeah, I’m pretty proud that I won the match. I figured that I’d have no chance against two opponents, but actually, they were never working as a team to take me out. Each time I scored a kill, they were by themselves, running frantically around with no plan. And yeah, this whole “start of something” notion…it might be actually happening. I like the unpredictability. Will have to give online some more time, and I don’t really understand the whole gaining XP after each match and what to do with it, but I’d also like to try to play the single-player mission soon too. Can’t let my fallen videogame brother’s death go unanswered…