Secret of the Black Pearl

I have, it seems, discovered the secret to being successful at Hexic HD, and it is this: you have to play early in the morning before you’ve had any kind of java to clear your mind and eyes from sleep. Only in this haze will you be able to form starflowers left and right until you get them fortuitously in place and create a black pearl, the mightiest of pearls, the rarest of gems, just like I did shortly before 8:00 a.m. today.

Oyster-meister (15G): Black Pearl

Trust me, I had to double-check that the ping! I had just heard had actually sounded. I’ve been attempting to unlock this Achievement for quite some time, getting frustratingly close on numerous occassions. And by close I mean one gem away. One. Gem. Away. Oh wells. Pretty glad to get this though, and now there’s really only three (out of 5 remaining) Achievements I’d like to unlock for this puzzler. One takes time, the others endurance.

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