Daily Archives: April 13, 2010

The island’s not done with you just yet, Paul

I don’t know what to say, readers. I kind of want to get LOST: Via Domus. I think my obsession with the show is finally reaching its breaking point. Every review tells me it’s not a good game, that it’s linear and not canon and mostly about taking pictures, and yet still, this tug, this come hug me feeling is hitting me harder than the island communicating with John Locke back during season one. I know why, too.

See, I’m doing many LOST things at the moment. One, I’m watching final season unfold every week, eyes a centimeter from my TV screen. It’s so good. Two, I’m re-watching season one and two on DVD and loving it all over again (the game, I believe, is set during these time-frames). Three, I’m working on drawing just about every LOST character ever.

So, yeah, LOST is on my brain. All the time. I dunno. Would this be the worse thing to buy for, say, $15.00?

Meh, maybe I’ll just pretend I bought it and instead put the money towards the season three DVD, a.k.a. lame wandering time.