I want to ride the Sushi-Go-Round

First came Sushi Academy, and now this:

Yup, Sushi Go-Round! You know, like the amusement park ride the spinny conveyor belt table? This cover pulls the carpet out from under my feet by showing me that cops enjoy sashimi just as much as us low-class knuckle-draggers. Donuts are so 1990s.

Honestly, I’m surprised at the severe lack of sushi games on the Nintendo DS. Only two so far. Sure, the system’s flooded with Cooking Mamas and Diner Dash wannabes, but where’s the love for raw fish? Hmm? WHERE IS THE LOVE?

So, in the spirit of being super helpful and just wanting to get this party started, allow me to throw out some names for the next, say, dozen sushi-themed Nintendo DS games that could potentially hit shelves soon: Sushi City, Sushi Soooo Cute, Sushi Fantasy XIII, Sushi Om Nom Nom, Tower of Sushi Terror, Let’s Eat Sushi!, Phoenix Wright: So Su(shi) Me, Tom Clancy’s Dinner Order: Spicy Tuna Rolls, SUSHI (that’s a LOST parody there), Sue Shi, Femme Fatale: The Game, and Sushi Age: Origins.

You’re welcome.


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