Daily Archives: March 4, 2010

Happy 10th birthday, Playstation 2!

Sony released the Playstation 2 on March 4, 2000, in Japan. Thank the mighty stars they did. If they hadn’t, the North American release of the Playstation 2 on October 26, 2000, might never have happened. And then my life would be completely different.

See, I’m a part of the NES generation, but the first gaming system I ever sought out and bought on my own was the Playstation 2. I’d gotten its predecessor for Christmas some years back, and the fact that the latest system worked also as a DVD player and still ran PS1 games fine was all I needed to hear to have me shell out some hard-earned buckos. So I did, some time vaguely in 2002 or early 2003, and I picked up two games to keep me busy: Dark Cloud and Red Faction.

Both blew me away. I remember being extremely impressed building the town and dungeon crawling in Dark Cloud, as well as destroying entire walls in Red Faction. The system showed great promise early on, and my subscription to PSM only reminded me more of all the great games soon to come out.

The Playstation 2 was my college (and post-college) console. I supplied the videogaming fun for all my roommates, and too many fond memories strike me now: FIFA tournaments, learning together how to roll then jump in Jak and Daxter, borrowing Final Fantasy X from an upstairs neighbor and declaring it as “meh!” after 15 minutes, Grand Theft Auto III drinking games, and using the console as a comfort buddy during a relationship breakup (many collect-a-thons were completed during this era).

I only jumped into the latest generation of systems last April or so with an Xbox 360. That’s right. I’ve been playing my Playstation 2 (the same one, actually ::knocks on wood::) since I got it. About eight years. Same single memory card, too. There’s no reason not to play it. It’s a haven system, especially for RPG fans like myself, bloated with JRPGs and big-name ones like Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII.

With a humongous library, there are still games out for the Playstation 2 I’ve yet to experience. The latest Jak/Ratchet games, God of War II, Ico, and many more. Games are still being released for the system ten years later, which I think says a lot.

It’s a great console all-in-all. Always is, always will be.