Daily Archives: February 8, 2010

Fable III will “upset people,” duh

In a recent interview at Game Jam in Copenhagen, Peter Molyneux talked a bit about Project Natal, indie games, and the forthcoming Fable III. And here’s an interesting snippet:

“We’re making some announcements [at X10] about Fable III and there’s some… wow. There’s some very, very big things happening in Fable,” said Molyneux. “Bigger than you think and it’s going to upset people. I’m really scared when I go out and tell people what it is; they’re going to get super pissed off. They really are.”

This? Not surprising. And Molyneux should be a bit nervous. I mean, currently, fans are already upset with the direction Fable XXVII: Revenge of the Demon Doors is heading and that game’s not even coming out for a few more years. But yes, no matter what, no matter how pretty/fun Fable III will look, I gotta stay on my toes. Because I suspect I’m part of that “it’s going to upset people” group. I enjoyed Fable II a very good amount, but it did seem to flounder out in some areas. Either way…let the hype and nigh disappointment for Fable III begin, I guess!