Fallout: New Vegas teaser trailer is all about the teasing

Today’s the day we finally get some info about Fallout: New Vegas. Alas, it’s only cinematic information in the form of a teaser trailer, but it’s still good nonetheless. Click here to see the Fallout: New Vegas teaser trailer! CLICK IT.

Set to the song “Blue Moon” by Frank Sinatra, the trailer opens on the Mojave Desert and a WALL-E wannabe bot piling sand over dead bodies. The camera climbs high into the sky and we’re given a shot of Las Vegas, a city that seems to be standing just fine and completely functional if lighting is any indication. I’m not an expert on Fallout lore so I don’t actually know if it’s been said already that the city was hit by the bombs or just affected by them a la Point Lookout. Then we get a glimpse of an armored man, his flag, and his glowing Killzone helmet. Not sure if that’s to be us, a.k.a. the Lone Wanderer, or a possible antagonist. Either way, mmm. Now we just need some screenshots or solid gameplay information and I can consider my appetite sated.

Fallout: New Vegas is coming out Fall 2010. The same time I’m getting married. It’s gonna be cah-razzzy, people.

One response to “Fallout: New Vegas teaser trailer is all about the teasing

  1. I can’t wait to get my hands on Vegas. Hopefully it will live up to Fallout 3.

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