Daily Archives: February 2, 2010

New LEGO Harry Potter trailer and impressions

Two things.

Thing #1 is there’s a great write-up of some early impressions for LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 over at Wired’s GameLife. Though it brings to the horizon the same ol’ notion that the LEGO videogames are really just for kids, and that the gameplay mechanics are not adhered to adults at all. Naturally, I disagree. Sure, a kid could play through some levels in LEGO Batman, but several puzzles might prove too challenging. I like to think of the LEGO games as the best of both worlds: fun (though not always funny) cutscenes, colorful characters and locations, easy-yet-addictive gameplay, and a perfect reason for offline co-op.

Thing #2 is a new trailer, which runs for one minute and thirty-nine seconds, of which seven seconds shows actual gameplay in the Potterverse. You can check it out below:

10,000 Gamerscore exactly – mission accomplished!

Well, the subject line kinda says it all, but here’s the glorious visual proof:

It’s such a nice, round number. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it feckless, but, yes, it’s a silly thing to care about and get excited over, but see this is where I and Achievement whores differ. For them, it’s all about getting as many as you can, as fast as you can. Me, well…I like to set these mini-goals and have fun going after particularly challenging ones or Achievements that really change how I play a game (for example, I’ve not yet sacrificed 10 people in the Temple of Shadows in Fable 2 because I find it hard to be really evil in that game), and so in that sense, I really like keeping track of what I unlock.

Not sure how long my new shiny Gamerscore will last though as I am working my way through an evil run in Fallout 3 and will eventually–when I’m not so terrified of every single creak and snicker–return to Rapture in BioShock. But for now, let’s all enjoy ten thousand Gs.

Going for 10,000 Gamerscore tonight

Call me crazy, call me full of OCD, but ever since I saw my Gamerscore hit 9,975 I’ve been wanting nothing more than to hit a straight 10,000 and to do it with my next Achievement. So I quickly perused my list for the first locked 25G Achievement, and there’s two sitting idle in my copy of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts: Speedy of the Colossus and Whoa Nelly! One involves going over a set speed and the other…involves going over a set speed. Hmm. Not sure how that worked that way.

But yeah, that’s my goal for tonight. Got a bunch of other stuff to do though (like watch House, read short stories, clean up some LOST fanart for tomorrow, and pay bills), but I think I can make time to unlock one of them.

Wish me luck!