First details about Fallout: New Vegas surface

There’s a great write-up of some information that will soon be revealed in the next issue of Game Informer pertaining to the rather mysterious Fallout: New Vegas over at That VideoGame Blog. It all sounds pretty legit though so I’m going to start getting excited this very second.

Fallout: New Vegas, from what was divulged, seems to be keeping in with some Fallout 3 traditions while also exploring new ways to tell a story via means like Dragon Age: Origins.

Looks like you’ll be playing as a number of different characters in the beginning, which would unlock specific perks. One such character would be a Crimson Dragoon on a mission to destroy the Hoover Dam who ultimately becomes a ghoul. Or you can go blank slate and be a Lone Wanderer type. Either way, with or without a moral system, this should up the replay value.

Also, it sounds like there will be much more strategy needed into distributing your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points. One of the silly things in Fallout 3 was the fact that you could get a 100 in every focus, or, if not 100, very high up there. I spent all my time focusing on laser weapons and lock-picking that once I filled them to capacity I just started completing other skills. Wasn’t hard to do at all. I’d like a tougher challenge, and this seems to be it.

The leaked details claim that the size of the Vegas wasteland will greatly dwarf the Capital wasteland, which now gives reason to having accessible vehicles. Would love to hop in a car and go cruising across the desert. That said…dwarfing the Capital wasteland? We’ll just have to wait and see.

And, as expected, there’ll be a bit of gambling going on. C’mon Lucky 7s…ka-ching! Wonder if bottle caps will still be the currency used in the West Coast or if traditional money will still play a part.

In summary, mmmmmmmm. I need this now!

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