First Screenshots of Fallout Online “Project V13”


MMORPGs have never interested me. Not even ones based in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. I know. Cah-razy, right?

That said, screenshots of a Fallout MMORPG have recently surfaced thanks to some court battles, and while it does look like a rather bleak place to spend one’s time…I’m all for it. Hope these images only mean that “Project V13” is one step closer to becoming a reality. Check out the other two shots below the cut.


One response to “First Screenshots of Fallout Online “Project V13”

  1. 1st- interplay needs to step aside and let the big boys handle this…a third-rate, on-the-ropes company can’t handle the kind of detail it’s going to take to make this worth playing…sorry, but it’s the truth.

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