The Top Five Sequels I’m Not Interested In

What? My second list already?

Yes, people. This is what chaos looks like. Enjoy this list of game titles with the number 2 at the end…

5. Left 4 Dead 2


I’m no good at shooters. I’m just as no good at horror games where the littlest of things make me jump. Hence, I was never meant to excel at shooting frenetic zombies, and this sequel looks to be more of the same.

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


Oh hey, look! Another shooter where you shoot things…just like you did in that first game where you shot things!

3. Bioshock 2


I’m still late to the party when it concerns Bioshock, which is a story-driven adventure, a solo game, all about immersion. Seems like the sequel is adding in multiplayer…why? Because that’s what people demand now in every game? Seems forced.

2. Mass Effect 2


I’ll admit that I greatly enjoyed Mass Effect though I’ve only been able to play through it once despite its design for multiple run-throughs. Truthfully, the storyline isn’t that captivating nor does it differ terribly based on who I play as and how I play them. That’s pretty much going to be the same with Mass Effect 2 and rumor has it Shepherd is biting it in this murky middle. Meh.

1. Assassin’s Creed 2


Repetition, repetition, repetition. Good for learning a new language, horrible for a videogame. And this is something that Assassin’s Creed suffered from greatly. Switching scenery might fool me at first, and giving Altair the power to, y’know, swim is nice, but I get the feeling that this one will not have learned from its mistakes and will just be more climbing, more running, and more stealth kills. Plus, I’m still totally bitter about the first game’s “ending”…

And there you have it. Feel free to argue, but it’s pointless. These are games I’m not interested in; your wants and desires will surely vary.

13 responses to “The Top Five Sequels I’m Not Interested In

  1. First of all…Do you have any taste in any game at all? You established that you don’t like shooters, RPG’s, Horrors, and Adventures. You might as well not play video games at all. Multiplayer is an experience that a lot of people enjoy obviously so why not take a chance at adding it to Bioshock 2. You don’t have to play it if you don’t want to. All of these games are supposed to be great and I expect them to be as well. I’ve beat Left 4 Dead 2, COD MW 2, and Assasain’s Creed 2. They are all great. Don’t play games if you don’t like the best. What do you like to play? Katamari? ha.

  2. But Bioshock is FTW! A new storyline is all it needs…

  3. haha its funny because like 3 of these have already come out and kick ass

  4. Have you ever a played a good game and liked it? These are sequels to some of the best games in this generation. No one wants to read reviews from someone who is both a pansy and terrible and any game worth playing. Go cry in a corner and play animal crossing. I’ll be here playing real games and enjoying myself.

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  6. But obviously you are interested or you wouldn’t have wrote about them. (-;

  7. I can understand not being a fan of shooters, so i’ll refrain from touching on the games of that genre, but if you haven’t you really SHOULD give AC2 a chance. I felt the first game was extremely repetitive at times, and if weren’t for awesome gameplay mechanics, and some actually interesting assassination scenarios, I would have never finished it. I ended up snagging every achievement in that game, and still felt a bit betrayed by the ending. that said, Ubisoft really listened to the feedback from both the lovers and haters of their game, and you can see that within minutes of starting up the sequel. There’s much more interactivity with the cities, an economic system, a very open-ended, sandbox style of play that allows you to really have some fun in the cities, oh, and you’ll never do the same plot-related mission more than once. There’s a flow from event to event that makes sense, not just being told to go from city to city, collecting evidence, and then gaining permission to kill a guy. The story just naturally progresses to the assassination of your targets. I really could go on praising this game, but I’ll wrap it up with this; I had very high expectations of the sequel because of how let-down I was by the first. The 2nd installment in the series not only met every expectation I had, but exceeded them in every way. You should, at the very least, rent it.

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  9. Hey some of thoes games your’e right aren’t good but ASSASSIN’S CREED 2 and BIOSHOCK 2 and CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 2 is awesome. Also Assassin’s Creed 2 is not full of redundency. If it was redundant for you then that was because you made it redundant. Also Modern Warfare 2 is awesome. It’s full of amazing graphics and has an awesome story mode. Also if MW2 wasn’t awesome then why did it sell out the day it came out? Next time you rag on games play them so that you acctually know what your’e fucking talking about and also play them multiple ways through and read about them as well.

  10. i’d agree with you about Mass Effect, but i’m actually really enjoying Bioshock 2 even though i didn’t think i would.

  11. I love bioshock 2, left 4 dead 2 and assassin’s creed 2. the second assassins creed, to me, was actually better than the first. im only sayin.

  12. ME2… AWESOME! Never played ME1 but I can honestly say that ME2 is great.

    I have never been a fan of shooters. ME2 combines a bit of the shooter genre with the RPG genre and I believe this is one of the games in which the mixing had been very well done. I ran the game once already and am on my second run through now. Mixed up the class of course and the game play has become different. The interaction with the NPC changes as you take on different attitudes. So far no problem with skipping or freeze ups. The game is VERY intuitive also. I hate manuals and such. In a rather short period of time I had the commands and such all figured out.

    I give this game 2-thumbs up… and that’s only because I ran out of thumbs. Want a good game that will not get boring after just one run… ME2 is the game for you.

    “This is Commander Shepard… and this is my favorite game in the whole galaxy!”

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