Daily Archives: October 26, 2009

Sushi Academy nom nom nom

Here’s a videogame I secretly want (but now it is no longer a secret):


From the look of things, Sushi Academy is basically Cooking Mama: Raw Fish Lovers Unite. And that’s okay with me. But let’s see what we can learn from Amazon.com, shall we?

Sushi Academy by City Interactive features Old Sushi Master, who runs a world-famous restaurant. His snacks are enjoyed by a vast amount of fans that would love to know the secrets of sushi making. Only a handful has been honored by being taught by the Master himself. Under the Master’s guidance, learn to chop vegetables, cut fish and decorate and serve meals. Create more complicated dishes, and maybe you will surpass your master.

And some key features include:

  • Prepare meals, collect the ingredients, and take the exams in the set of colorful mini games
  • Get to know the history, etiquette, and rules of sushi making by reading the specially prepared sushipedia
  • Create dozens of exotic meals and admire the effects of your work
  • Broaden your skills and knowledge on one of the oldest culinary cultures of the world

Oh, Nintendo DS game, you had me at sushipedia. Sushi Academy releases, hey, tomorrow (10/27/09) to zombie-like crowds of fans and hungry people everywhere. I wonder if it’ll come with a special chopstick stylus…