Monthly Archives: September 2009

In Metroidvania, no one can hear you scream

Just acquired this achievement last night in Shadow Complex:

Make ‘Em Scream
(20G): Get 100 soldiers to scream

What’s nice about this achievement is two things: 1) it was not one that I had to consciously be aware of achieving, in that I just shot soldiers and tossed grenades their way, and sometimes they’d scream when being blown to bits and other times they’d just crumple to floor and 2) Shadow Complex does a wonderful job of providing in-game tracking towards its achievements so I knew I was getting close to this one, making each further scream all the more rewarding.

My first glitch in Shadow Complex


There I was, crouching along in some dark and stuffy vent, flashlight at the ready in case there were any bombas or orange-colored walls to shoot, when all of a sudden I dropped through the floor to a secret room below and found myself frozen in mid-air, face only centimeters away from a locked door. I tried moving around, but could do very little other than shut off/turn on my flashlight and hit the menu buttons. Frustration quickly set in.

So I had to reload from a previous save, losing about 15 minutes worth of game. Luckily, not much had happened during those 15 minutes save for finding a gold bar location and getting a couple of soldiers to scream (my, how I love to make ’em scream) so it wasn’t terribly frustrating. But now I’m much more wary of this sort of thing and save frequently.

When I fell down the shaft a second time, I kept to the left (away from the door) and landed perfectly on the floor. So yeah, just a minor glitch. No big deal. Still loving the stuffings out of Shadow Complex, and I’m probably only halfway through the main game.