Games I’ll Be Missing Out On

So, for awhile now, I’ve known what next-gen game system I want to own. It is an Xbox 360, and I have my reasons for it (SIDENOTE: the fund is going strong, almost there). But let’s talk about something else that shuffles around in my mind a lot lately, and that is…

…the games I’ll be missing out on. Y’ know, console exclusives. And some of these really pull at my heartstrings as they belong to series that I’m a diehard fan of. Okay, enough of this. Let the tears flow.

  • Sly Cooper 4 (rumored for just the PS3, with another Sly Cooper game coming out simultaneously for the PSP)
  • Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
  • Uncharted (by those good ol’ Jak and Daxter developers)
  • Animal Crossing: City Folk (maybe it’s a good thing I’m going to miss out on this one considering the hours I’ve already logged on the DS version)
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • And tons more!

I totally get the point of console exclusives. Really, I do. Otherwise, what’s the purpose in creating unique systems, but I do wish some licenses were more broadly shared than others. Thankfully, just knowing that Final Fantasy XIII will be on both systems, whenever it does come out is enough to sate my bruised heart.

2 responses to “Games I’ll Be Missing Out On

  1. Some games are exclusive to systems due to hardware issues (ie: mario galaxy), but I think most of them are exclusive to one console because the console manufacturers give lucrative contracts to the publishers for their titles being exclusively produced for that system.

  2. True, true. But I’m a radical dreamer, and I am patiently waiting the uniting of all game systems to better the world. 😛

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